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Name: Dmitri Glovin

Age: 29

Backstory (Atleast 1-2 paragraphs.): Dmitri was born in Moscow, with his parents. They lived a poor life and really not very nice like that. When the bombs went off catching up all the underground shelter. Dmitri's parents died in this event. He was taken into custody for a while. But after some time had to be rejected. Dmitri lived in the Hansa station for couple years as they was making their way to the Polis along with other neutral persons. Dmitri and his companions were half way to Polis. But they got attacked. They seemed to be a pile Watchers they Fought against them with metro built Shotguns and machine guns That were poorly made. Only Dmitri survived this battle, and he continued his journey to Polis.

He reached successfully Polis and started looking for a place to sleep. He also met a lot of people as one of the people were part of Ranger Of The Order So Dmitri started to ask a lot of things from this group. Dmitri became interested in the subject and began to make observations about how the group works together. He asked the member how to join the so-called ''Rangers Of The Order'', he responded by talking about it with Polis captain, so he nodded and a few days later he went to the captain's talking to who gave Dmitri form that must be filled before any specific training, so he went and filled it and sent it back to the captain and waited for a response.

Physical Description: Dmitri has athletic build for his age, and a lot of hair on the legs, and all over his stomach area. He also has many scars on his face of all the events which have happened to him during his life. slight stubble beard, you'd see it's been shaven recently. His right eye is blind so he does not see it any, was caused by the shrapnel hit him in the eye a couple of years back.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Strengths are mostly guns and high-end supplies he knows how to handle them carefully and properly without any problem.

Plus he has good math and were educated pretty well before the war even though he had to stop school due the war.

Weaknesses is the visualizing because of his right eye but he still can fight properly as the other people do.

He also has some small cramps but they're usual to lots of people and they do not happen often.

Any side notes we should know about the character?: Nothing

Why did your character join The Rangers Of The Order?: He wants to make a difference to the underground and to the surface whilst being part of THE rangers of the order you can actually make a difference and make yourself respected at the same time. Dmitri would make a difference by his self too but it's because of low supplies and not that high-end gear. And no don't take me wrong. I don't join the Rangers because of gear, no, not at all. I just want to make a difference to the community and keep things in order, and to minimize all unnecessary destructions if you know what I mean. I would be appreciated to be selected as Ranger in any way.


Steam Name: EBKfredo

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77262276

Age: 15

What is your knowledge with the Metro 2033 Lore?: I've read and played the both games, so basically all the info you need in this role. Oh and read some wiki information as well from time to time.

What do you know about the Rangers?: The Rangers of the Order referred to as Polis Rangers and Spartans mostly are a group of  elite battle hardened soldiers that fights the wasteland, consisting of the most skilled and deadliest warriors in the whole Metro around the Moscow area. The Rangers move individually or in small units helping settlements as well as fighting bandits and mutants or other factions such as 4th Reich and so on.. They also appear to guard and protect Polis when the help is in need.

Do you understand that it may take a while for you to be promoted?: Yes, I am aware of it I am a patient man and I really don't care about the rank as soon as people are making great role play so the enviroment is fun and safe to roleplay in.

How long have you been roleplaying for?: I started at 2013 so about 2-3 years now I know how the role play works generally and couple wildcards too if you know what I mean.
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This application needs a longer backstory. Please correct and I will re-evaluate.
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Ok, It should be now fixed @Mesok I added whole new background story and how I found the Rangers In-character.
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