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Hello, I am applying for the Order of the Rangers I have been a serious Roleplayer for over three years now I have played on the old ApocolypseRP server as an Sergeant in the Ukraine Armed Force's I have been in many other server's as moderator and more I am skilled roleplayer and believe in this community can grow.

--------My Knowlegde----------
I know that the Order is a Para-Military aka a PMC they are not hostile but wont hesitate to take down another organization that poses and threat to the Metro they help many dwellers and were founded by Colonel Miller the leader of the faction he had recruited former Russian Special Force's and had a mind set off a Military leader and grew to power slowly after the great war that involved nuclear weapons between all country's

--------My Info---------
I have played all the Metro game's and even read the book's I have RPed in all types off role's Military and more I have never been banned for mingeing I am dedicated to servers and always like to suggest new stuff to make the server funnier for other people on the server and make it enjoyable.

----------My Character--------
Name:Dimitri Kentriov
Age: Thirty-One
Former Occupation: Russian Military
Backstory: During the Great War he was working in a Military Train Station training in combat with his unit when the bombs hit him and his team went into the Metro and had to forcefully stop other civilians and soldiers from entering him and his team were outcasts and disowned by the new population off hate and anger his unit slowly died like rat's one by one until he left them and went to find something he can use his skill's for good in the metro to do what is right.
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Great job, even with no template, great application.
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