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Metro Dweller
Name: Lavydnsky Vasily

Age: 34

Backstory (Atleast 1-2 paragraphs.): Lavydnsky, born in the streets of Moscow as a rich kid, was a lucky one indeed.
When the bombs dropped he had the luck of being near a station in his private school, his dad and mother were teaching there, his faimily was really rich.
They all refuged in Polis, granting them the privilaged Polis passport; his parents were very strict with him and only let him out their room for groceries, spending most time reading books and drawing.
His mother teached Russian story to kids in Polis and his father was a gate guard.
At the right age of 18 Lavydnsky was brought to the shooting range close to the station by his father, firing his first gun, the Lolife, a cheap and almost useless gun but good for practice.
After years, his IQ was higher then average, at least for the life and condition in the Metro.
After witnessing the death of his mother and his father lost after a shift, at the age of 34, with just his morale supporting him, he decided to enlist in the Rangers of the Order, and waiting for the answer moved to the capital of the Commonwealth of the Ring Stations, shortened to Hansa.
Living there and making a fortune, days pass as he waits for an answer.

Physical Description:'2|Blue eyes|Black hair|Russian|Early to mid thirties|(This is just the Physical description, with clothes is way longer)

Strengths and Weaknesses:
-Military trained;
-Good knowledge of how to operate firearms;
-Speaks too much;
-Brags about his past a lot.

Any side notes we should know about the character?:
Why did your character join The Rangers Of The Order?: Vladimir, joined the Rangers of the Order, to keep peace and stability in Metro, to get rid of any Filthy Creatures that roamed it, same goes for far-right Reich and far-left Red Line.


Steam Name: RipCars2017

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40302961


What is your knowledge with the Metro 2033 Lore?: I know the whole Metro lore as I played both games many times, even reading the translated book.
What do you know about the Rangers?: The Rangers of the Order, or Spartans, are a group of elite battle hardened soldiers that roam the wasteland, consisting of the most skilled and deadliest warriors in the whole Metro.

Do you understand that it may take a while for you to be promoted?: Yes, i do. i have played many Serious RP Servers before.

How long have you been roleplaying for?: I've been roleplaying since Gmod 12, starting with Half Life 2 Roleplay and early versions of Star Wars\Halo RP.
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Very short backstory. Got some of the lore wrong. Re-apply at a later date.
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