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Metro Dweller


Backstory (Atleast 1-2 paragraphs.): Emily Haines was formally a Canadian singer. She was born and raised in Toronto where she lived in the comfortable home with her Mother, Father and Brother. Through school she had a shaky music career and the release of her first album. It was after her Mother died Emily Haines moved to New York. There she met the rest of her band, and they began their professional career. Emily took lead vocals and she, along with the guitarist Jimmy, worked on the song writing. Emily, angry at society in general, portrait her anger in her songs and directed it at the war and political instability.

When her Father died of cancer, Emily moved back to Canada alone, to release her solo album, full of soft sound and depression. It was a few years later when she rejoined her eager, waiting band and released her final album, her final album before the bombs fell.

At the time of the war, or the short period of annihilation that was called a war; Emily Haines was in Moscow, a place previously unvisited by her and her group. It was Emily who had directed the move, stating they needed to show people their musical anger in the East as well as the West. After several weeks in Moscow, the band left, without Emily. Emily insisted to stay, wanting to absorb herself in the new surroundings and preform her own sad music.

When the bombs fell, wanting nothing more than to detonate and bath the surroundings in their toxic radiation; Emily was one of the first inside the Metro. This is where she currently resides.

Her early Metro experience was not pleasant. While indeed she was in a small station and lived in relative comfort with her partner, working either in the farms or sometimes scavenging the tunnels, there was a mix-up with the Reich coming into the station and Emily was taken in for questioning. The "Enhanced interrogation" they used on her has made her hate but overall fear the Reich, however she has made no action against them, sticking to small stations and working herself. After her Partner, James, went missing, Emily has been travelling station to station, never really settling down and feeling somewhat lost at the moment, wanting more but not sure where to find it. (It is too long to post here, but I do have a journal I made for Emily about her past experiences in the Metro from the RPs I have been on. It is currently 12,000 words and I am happy to email it to staff if they require more information)

Psychological profile

Emily Haines has conflicting views. On one hand, she is lost and trapped in a world she knows almost nothing about, with all her previous relationships dead or unknown. She is, in all essence, alone. This causes her to be shy, timid and overall terrified of the Metro. Moreover, the experience of constant physical and psychological pain has reinforced this personality.

On the other hand, Emily Haines, by nature, is friendly, outgoing and kind. She takes great pleasure in other people's happiness and has a light sense of humour. The meeting of James Morrison is the key factor in her remaining, for the large part, this way.

Presently, her personality is on the verge of another shift. She is becoming sadder, her sense of humour is drying to sarcasm and she is becoming more melancholy in expression and action. This is due to the literally never ending monologue of pain and fear that has been her short time in the Metro.

There is a clear conflict of personality between Emily's innate, normal personality and the personality due to her situation. This causes her to question herself and makes her, sometimes, needy. To an outsider, or someone who is a round Emily for a long period of time, such as her lover and friends; Emily can be very happy and proactive, before becoming sarcastic or dry, to even becoming needy and apparently terrified.

Physical Description: Short dirty blonde hair| Dark green eyes| Pale skin| Early 30s| 5'9| Dark circles under eyes| Wearing faded red hoodie and black jeans|

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Medical knowledge
Social and emotionally receptive- good at understanding people due to a great deal of empathy allowing her to talk and indeed listen to people.
Experience of handling weapons, though very basic (I don't want to make her OP)
Kind and generous, but cautious towards people she doesn't know

Limited knowledge of combat and tactics
Not proficient in combat as of yet
Fear of the Fourth Reich and strangers

Any side notes we should know about the character?: All extra notes about her personality are listed in her Psychological profile above.

Why did your character join The Rangers Of The Order?: For mixed reasons. Firstly, as listed in her psychological profile, Emily is overall nice and helpful. At the end of the day, she wants to help people. She believes that working with others and being together for a good cause is better than warfare. However, she does realize that there are those in the Metro who do not wish this (e.g bandits) and that Mutants can ruin and threaten innocent lives, she wishes to help stop this, and look out and protect innocent people. Moreover, she detests extremism, her past and her whole ideology make her loathe extreme groups such as the Reich, however, she will not engage them without orders, as the Rangers are mostly, but not always, neutral.


Steam Name: Wasp

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:14911231

Age: 22

What is your knowledge with the Metro 2033 Lore?: Extensive, I have read the translated book and played both games several times. I have also been on several Metro RP servers and they all keep the same basic lore about the Metro Universe, and thus I believe I have adequate knowledge.

What do you know about the Rangers?: I know in large part that they are known as the elite of the Metro, made up of ex-army and special forces. They are renowned across the Metro for their proficiency and training. In previously Metro RPs that I've been in, I have been a Ranger on this character, I believe that I know how to RP as this faction well and appropriately.

Do you understand that it may take a while for you to be promoted?: Yes, and that is not a problem, character development comes before Rank promotion.

How long have you been roleplaying for?: About 8 years now, all on serious RP, mostly Hl2, several Metro and some Frundtech/Fallout RP
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