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Metro Dweller


Spartak Gourvan



Backstory (Atleast 1-2 paragraphs.):

Spartak was a young boy when the war arrived with fire and cleansing radiation, a war thought to end all wars. His family, originally from Ukraine, moved to Moscow. There, his father worked as a police officer. It was not long after the move when the nukes hit the city and buried humanity in rubble and ash. He was lucky enough to be dragged into the metro with the crowd of people as the sky turned red. He and his mother huddled against the wall with strangers, fearful for the end times.

Shortly after the doors were sealed by debris they moved further into the metro. The strangers that accompanied them became friends, and those friends became family. They occupied one of the deep stations with many other groups like theirs. The name now long forgotten had once been their home for many years. For the first time since the bombings people had lived in peace and young Spartak was not afraid. He was so curious about the metro though, even when people warned him of the dangers. He got a few of his friends with him and left the station to find more survivors, and bring them back to the establishment.

Ignorant, and young, he marched forward into the darkness. It was only a matter of hours before they found the first signs of life in the vast undergrounds of Moscow. A rumble in the ground, a train they thought. They quickly moved to the side and waited for lights to pierce the darkness. To see the many faces through the glass window. The noise was louder, and still no lights. They peered around the corner, and horror filled their as as their lights shined upon a mass wave of rat creatures and filth streaming down the tunnel.

They began to run, run as fast as their legs could allow them. However it wasn't fast enough. Shrieks and roars filled the tunnel as they drew closer. Spartak spotted a door and herded his friends into a dark room branching off the main tunnel. They slammed the thick iron door shut behind them and continued to run down this wide corridor until they reached another door in their path. However, this one was thick, like a blast door. They try opening it but it wont budge. The sounds of scraping and bashing fill the room as the door behind them keeps the horde at bay. They begin smashing their bodies against the door but it doesn't budge an inch. His group huddles against the cold steel barrier, looking down the corridor with fright. All had seemed lost.

The snarling from the tunnel stops, and the rumbling fades. They look at each other, and a sigh of relief is released from everyone. After a few minutes of conversing they agree they need to head back to warn their home. They walk back down the end of the corridor and open the door. Mutants. A few stragglers from the pack rush in. They leap onto his friends as the boys start running back to that immovable door at the end of the hall. Spartak's legs keep moving as he doesn't turn around. Screams and shrieks follow him all the way to the door. He begins slamming against the door, and pleading with it as if it were a human being. Like magic and with miraculous timing, the door slams open, pushing Spartak against the wall. Two men in military gear pop out and pierce the darkness with bright gun mounted lights. Bullets start ripping through the air down the tunnel at the mutants, as the deafening rifles both fire in unison. One of the men reach down and grab Spartak as more mutants spill into the hall. The hail of gunfire continues until they drag him behind the door and slam it shut. Spartak looks up at the two men, their faces shrouded by gas masks. "Who are you?" he asks, and they reply.
He pleads with them to take him back to his station, but it had already been overrun by the mutant tide. Instead, they take him through the winding tunnels and undergrounds, once more into the darkness with strangers. Tears fill his eyes knowing his family and friends were now dead. But he resists the temptation of breaking down, and continues to fight on through the tunnels with these two men.

After almost a day of travel, the reach a handcar and make their way to a Ranger station. The place is much larger than the small community he had come from, and almost felt like home. The rangers told him of other stations and the wars in the metro. They taught him how to shoot and survive. Then, he was given a choice. He can live his life out in the station like he did before. Or, become a ranger, help those in need, and restore order to the metro.

Physical Description:

Spartak is a 6'2 young man, clean shaven and short blonde hair. His cold eyes have a green/brown tint. He wears a thick brown jacket with a layer of dust and dirt. He adorns a small police badge on his side, old and pre-war. His pants are worn and torn, with only a hint of blue left in them. Grey combat boots with metal plates sewn in hold him up from the ground.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Good shot
Clear mind in combat - Calculating in combat, and thinks strategically.

Aggressive - Will try to get upclose to enemies. Resorts to violence quickly.
Very upfront in actions - Can be mistaken as rude, and speaks very frankly.
Extreme hate for mutants
Injury in leg - Unable to run fast

Any side notes we should know about the character?:

He is very cold, and will not help people that he doesn't know.
Spartak kept his father's baton, and uses it in every opportunity.

Why did your character join The Rangers Of The Order?:

Spartak was brought to a ranger station where he trained for a year, before he was given the choice to become a ranger, and help guard the people from all enemies of humanity.


Steam Name:


Steam ID:




What is your knowledge with the Metro 2033 Lore?:

I played both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. I found them very enjoyable and got very immersed into the lore at that point. So, I picked up one of the books and began to read it. I never finished but I got a pretty good Idea on living conditions in the Metro, Factions, Relations and Mutants/Anomalies. However, I am no where close to an expert when it comes to Metro lore.

What do you know about the Rangers?:

I know the Rangers are an elite order of soldiers trained to protect the people of the metro. Rangers would travel from station to station in the metro or sometimes on the surface so that they could maintain peace and order. The rangers are peaceful when possible, but became the target of almost every faction once they found the old military bunker designated as D-8. This is where they gained a large arsenal before blowing up most of the station during an invasion.

That was more of a brief background of my knowledge of the Order, though I am not entirely sure what time frame the server takes place in.

Do you understand that it may take a while for you to be promoted?:

I understand that promotions should only be granted for dedication and greatness. This includes having discipline to be patient and not complain when you are not promoted.

How long have you been roleplaying for?:

I have been role playing since Gmod 8, on many servers such as ZC, TnB, Clockwork, and many nutscript servers. It has been an enjoyable experience, especially most recently Stalker RP until it shut down.
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