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Server is back online! B_560x95

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The server is back online!

New metro-only giant map: RP_Stantsiya_v1b
D6 is avaliable on the map for events
Gasmask filter ammount increased to 900
Food stats tripled
The factions were organized and will remain balanced
Two new liveable stations - Hansa and Kusnezkimost (One guarded by Hansa, other by players)
New presidency system for stations - You can now elect presidents which they'll do their own rules for their stations
A to-be-improved farming system
Factions idea and objective were modified
Faction leadership improvements
Improved crafting system which allows you to craft weapon parts and sell it, for more profit
Added usable swep passports - Dwellers will now require a passport in order to acess stations
Added a new rare weapon - Throwing Knifes
Added melee weapons
The loot system had some fixes
Realistic effects added - Bullet impact sounds and two head-bobs
The staff was organized and improved
The quests are improved, there will be more passive quests and more roleplay-based quests instead of only shooting

Server is back online! Latest?cb=20110213064828

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