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Server Maintenance! - Huge changes will happen Web-maintenance
Today, the server will be locked and prepared for a new launch due the lack of players that suddenly occured. This time, a lot of things will change.

Our map was very small which got repetitive quickly. There was lack of places to roleplay and do events, and, lack of space for factions. This from now will change - the whole gamemode will change. There will be a HUGE map with enough space for everything. The sad thing, is that there won't be surface on the same map anymore... Neither in a separate server.

Planned on the new server:
Factions will work different this time, and staff will be organized before the launch. I learned what ruined player's experience on the server. Everything will be organized, and we'll focus on making events so players can have some nice roleplay around.

The looting system will be there, but improved this time. The crafting system will also have more recipes this time.

Trading will be player based beside junk buyers. Hansa will control them.

Passports will be put in use.

Hansa will be the most active faction. They'll guard their station entries since they are bigger.

There will be melee weapons this time, so you can defend yourself until you save for a weapon.

Economy will be low again, which was a bit ruined with money farming glitches.

Characters will be wiped - this is good for everyone. I can possibly discount some items to our active players which wasted their time getting MGRs.

There might be some new ways of making MGRs... Like farming.

There will be better quests and normal quests aswell. This time, it won't be only shooting quests, but normal ones too, like taking care of the animals, cleaning something in the station... Well, roleplay-based quests. It'll improve the roleplay around the stations.

Stations will be taken care by players. They'll define their laws.

Faction leaders will take care of the applications on the forum.

That's all I've got in mind for now. I'm planning to re-open the server in 3 days (6/01/2017) maximum.
I hope I can bring some good roleplayers back. I'll do my best to make this work this time, without minges and failRpers. The map was small and It was hard to handle.

Feel free to suggest in our "Suggestions" section on the forum.
I wrote that topic fast, so don't mind the mistakes. It just to explain you what's happening right now and why the server is locked.
Sorry, and be patient please. Smile
- Chester

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