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Metro Dweller

Name: Jason 'Hannibal' Pardorsk

Age: 32

Backstory (Atleast 1 or 2 paragraphs):
Jason was one of the most feared metro dwellers back in the day when to bombs fell. With the age of 20 he got put in prison. Hansa tortured him in the most unhumanly possebilitys. They cutted his face, his throat, they would remove his fingernails with force. They tortured him because he wanted to steal information about the rangers and hansa for some people which paid good. After 5 years of torture he went totally insane and wanted to kill everything and everyone. He would take everything he want's by killing, raping and mugging. He would torture his victims slowly and totally inhumane. Some day he went to the surface, he would find books about cannibalism and torture methods of the reich. He found out how the human mentatlity works and would abuse that knowledge to murder his victims beastially. He eats human meat and if you run over his way you are literally fucked.
One of his habits is cracking his fingers while torturing. He speaks no word in any way. He lost his tounge and the ability to speak. He is strongly immune to pain.

Why do you want to be a Bandit?: It get's kinda borring to play only with jenny so i decided to take a part as a bandit and make some aggressive roleplay scenarios.


Steam Name: LK-520

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:58214941

How long have you been playing Roleplaying for?: 2 Years

What do you know about Bandits based on lore?: They mug, kill, rape and are the scum in the metro. They try to get everything they want by force and without any common human sense.

Do you have a weapon?: Yes.
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Nice character's backstory. You're gonna be a fine bandits.

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