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Bandits are typical criminals within the metro, banded together in unorganized groups of cutthroats and murderers.

It has been 20 years since humanity retreated underground, and supplies have turned very scarce. Food, filtered water, and Weapons are extremely precious and valuable. Housing and shelter is even harder to come by with many Stations having strict policies against outsiders. This type of life turns people away from earning a life, and towards  the deadliest forms of anarchism, taking what you need to survive. Bandit groups are the result, and they are a real threat. Usually staying in small groups to ensure maneuverability, some gangs band together in hopes of forming their own empires occasionally taking over entire metro stations. While bandits tend to plunder and kill for what they need, they don't raise an eyebrow at the prospect of torturing and raping their victims, either. Some of them also seem to wear hockey masks as a sort of a symbol.

There are many Bandit groups in the metro, and each gang is usually different, in terms of command structure, weapons, resources, and size.

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