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Yes, this is indeed a large faction.
Of about 100k people that fled in the metro before the atomic blast, about 50k of them are just dwellers and normal human beings. How should I act? You may ask.
Well, for the normal dwellers kind, you are just a normal human being like you and me irl. You are ofc scared of mutants and have normal feelings. So just RP like you would be in real life, but, in a dark metro full of people that may cut you open for saying something stupid.

The Hansa is a small military-trade organisation within the metro universe. Named after the german "Hansa" in ca. 1444. Enough of history, the Hansa is led by a "President" so the Hansa is a democratic faction and it's main focus is to make money.
The Hansa should be split in 2 forces, the "Security" and the "Traders".

The trader should be armed with just a pistol and they shall wear propper attire. These traders are representors of the Hansa and should be respected, since they bring food and guns to the normal dwellers to make their day better. Their focus is to make, ofc, money.
The soldier is a mercenary most likely, and paid to join their forces and protect the trader routes and traders in general. You act like police, but ofc, follow orders from your high rankeds like a normal military organisation.

-The Fourth Reich:
The Fourth Reich is a rather small faction, not surprising, because their acceptance requirements are pretty high. You have to be born in one of their three stations and then join the Reichswehr. You may ask, why do they chose german names and german ranks since they are purely russians? Well. Their ideology "fascism" is a copy of the german reich one. They want to be treated like "Übermenschen" (Better human beings-) and want to be respected from all people. They are ruthless and cruel.
The soldiers are very well trained and have very good equipment, usually starting off with a Kalash and an armor with kevlar. They are brainwashed since their youth, so don't even think about leaving. Your character will not be "free" or be "rational". He will ALWAYS obey his superiors, and if not, death is assured.

-The Red Line:
The Red Line are the largest military based organisation in the metro, they are a stalinist faction that want to wash out racism beliefs and right winged people out of the metro.
They have an estimated amount of 30k soldiers with them, making them a huge threat for all. BUT, the most soldiers are just ryadovois, recruits, just dwellers and humans that were often forced to fight for them. They just get the normal red line cloth with a bastard gun. They are often used as human waves against the MGs of the Reich, and are very effective in rushing. Their morale stands strong.
The normal soldier is scared OR very very angry about the reich or hansa for the reason because they joined. They are not trained and only get a gun.
How does one get a promotion, you may ask. AFTER the first war, (if there are survivors) The ryadovoi gets the place of a Yefreytor, getting a light kevlar and they are then "fully accepted" in the REd Line. Those are the infantry soldiers that have SOME worth in the REd Line.
Even thought the vast majority of the Red Line are very shitty equipped, the high rankeds are OFTEN even with the equipment of the REich. And sometimes, they are even better equipped.

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