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I'll be first to pre-warn alot of members of this community, but I am sure to trigger alot of you and trigger you I will do.

Let me start off this read by stating that unless the server was reset and started from a-new all of which I am about to state could never be fixed.  However non-the less it counts as a suggestion and since some obvious real life nazi's both in-game and OOC'ly can't handle opposing views that harm their glorious Reich that straight up has hardly any impact on the server or roleplay in general maybe this thread will work as an test of average intelligence to members of the community concidering in this end this entire argument boils down to maths, really simple maths also but people refuse to give up the idea of two useless factions.

But mad, are you mad? You can't be talking about the Reds and the Reich!

Of course I am talking about the Reds and the Reich, as far as I remember when I joined Metro roleplay is expected a post-apocolyptic survival horror roleplay environment set inside the Moscow metro system.  Not a Military roleplay server about 2 ideologies that fight each other but nothing comes out of either two winning or loosing.

This comes difficult for afew roleplayers to understand, sometimes for a server to grow ambitions like afew major factions must be scrapped for the greater good of the server OR atleast adjusted to suit the wider audiance.

Concider for a second however, when an average player joins the server he'll join as an Metro Dweller, the doors are immiediantly closed to him, he is shut out and doomed to a swift eternity of rushing down tunnels, looting scrap only to turn it in for bullets.  Where does these bullets go?  Straight back into another NPC and not a players hands.  But lets say for example there was a Player who traded with the dwellers, the bullets of course fall into the traders hands and thus do they go anywhere?  Potentially as an enforcement of missions and jobs can be handed out with the cash.  You know what we call this?  Economy.

Economy is non-existant in the server, it goes directly into NPC pockets and because of this the Dwellers are doomed to having to join 2 factions - Reich or Reds.  So whats wrong with this?  Quite simply, it splits the playerbase into 3.  This is where the maths comes in fella's, lets say the average playerbase was 15, 15 divided into 3 is 5.   That means in the most balanced fashion we now have 5 players in each faction, that's 5 dwellers (Station is dead), 5 reich and 5 Reds.  Consider that 5 dwellers needs to be split into sub-catagories such as traders, barmen and Hanza guards (Oh yeah, guards are missing.  The most powerfull faction of all of Metro 2033 has no guards at all!)

Maths simply determines there's an issue here, a big issue.  The Reich and Reds shouldn't be in the server, it's a waste of time and a waste of space.  The only roleplay they effectively add to the roleplay itself is the inter-passive roleplay and you can get that anywhere.

Well that's the basic dilema with factions, now I'll elaborate and go hard-core on the dilema with factions.    Starting with each faction individually, starting with the Reich, I'll tell you exactly about the type of players they attract and why:

Reich: Either Trolls who'll use the historic concept within' the faction of them being in the same ideology as Hitler himselfs and as we know folks, Trolls love Hitler.  The other type of player the Reich will grab is your very own in house Hitler-youth brigade and boy you know Gmod has many kids who are nazi's.  On the off-chance, the player who might join the Nazi's joins because the gear looks pretty fuckin' neat much better then the reds and the rest of the metro.  I reckon the statistics is somthing along the lines of 25% trolls, 75% Hitler Youth and the rest legitimate roleplayers.

Reds: Its less trolly then the Reich, that's for sure however it will always attract trolls just as the Reich simply because of Stalinism.   We also know for sure there a lot more teenagers out there who're communists for some bizarre reason. The rest of course you imagine it, legitimate roleplayers.

Now heres the thing, as you can see this factions arent even that attractive in the first place due to the types of people the factions attract.   This is why in a S.T.A.L.K.E.R server per-say Duty and Freedom are factions because one attracts a Military type of player and the other a wanna be or is Hippy. (Like myself)  These arent fucked up individuals, the most fucked up you go in that policy is Freedom that attracts all kinds of unusual people but not in the wrong way.   The joke about the comparison is that the zone for example is large but both factions are so well established it makes sense for them to make an appearance in a roleplay server.  Unlike in Metro 2033 that is, let me explain.

The mistakes and things that should be fixed Map_metro2033_detail_big

As you can see in the metro each station has a maximum of 4 lines connected at which the Hanza have only 2 lines that connect to the Reds and a potential of 2 lines that connect with the Reich however at no time does the Hanza, Reich or Reds intersect with each other. It is IMPOSSIBLE for Hanza, Reich and Reds to meet as a armed force at a Hanza station as to draw that conclusion the Reich would have to siege Polis OR break the Red line in half. So it's non-sense for the Reich to exist even in the first place in the server. For the reds there is a plausibility and only at 2 stations.

Okay, Mad. I'll indulge you. Lets say we removed both Reds and Reich, say we situated yourself possibly at "oktjabrskaja" for example. Then what do we have?

Well, alot better of a ground to work with, clearer grounds to work with to. We could for a change actually establish a hanza home-guard? You know, the one the Hanza is fuckin' well supplied with in the first place and to advertise the position we can give some real serious incentives too. We'll have more of an open player base for Traders and barmen. And due to the lack of those two meaningless factions we'll have room for bandits to grow as well as mutants. It'll also free-up so much space on the map, so much that players could have the ability to settle outside the station and set up player based stations opposed to being wiped out by a plot-line guarded bunch of useless factions. That means we have a much free server then we have currently AND it allows the admin team to focus its efforts entirely on the player base without having to be biased.

Jee mad, I didn't know removing two factions could potentially open up so many doors for the server, so why wouldn't we do it?

Because you'll loose the majority of the playerbase and that scares the hell out of you. According to the Nazi's they have over 15 members, I do not know about the reds but I bet they have less, possibly 7 - 10

Alright Mad, so your conclusion is "Most people are in a faction, something we can do that works for the majority then?"

Yeah, there is something you can do. Become Metro-2033 Military roleplay, Reds vs Nazi's. Sit back and watch the cancer spew outta' that one because that's essentially what's going on right now.

I know this rant is a harsh one, probably hard on the owners ears and I expect that. But seriously, think about it. I expect to hear alot of non-sense in this thread, pro-nazi and pro-Red screaming to keep their factions. I expect people to say petty things like "But Dwellers cant do anything." but that only proves my point. You made your bed the way it is, doesn't mean you can't make it better.
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Look at the forums alone in the application section for Reich, feel the contradiction:

The mistakes and things that should be fixed Ff470e3041
The mistakes and things that should be fixed D70e6e335d

Now lets look at the Reds

The mistakes and things that should be fixed F8eedda881
The mistakes and things that should be fixed 362d751e74

The reds sure are gonna be
The mistakes and things that should be fixed -its-gonna-be-huge-meme-43199
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Hello, Madcombat.
You are right about the server focusing on Reds and Reich only, plus, the map is too small for that. Hansa is inactive and people wanders with no laws in the station.

Well, this is all going to change. I'm re-doing the entire gamemode since it was kinda released on a rush and not organized. This time, we'll focus on Hansa and dwellers, and sometimes recruit a few faction members, depending on the playerbase.

What happened is that a lot of people applied and suddenly joined the factions, and it got unbalanced with dwellers that didn't apply. It was a mistake from me.

I don't think it would be a good idea removing both factions, since they are major factions. However, the best would be balancing them. For example: The faction with more people should be reds, and rangers should be a few. Reich could have a few members, but less than Reds. That way, it won't be military focused.

However, about questings and others - I can't do a player junk buyer, because there would be LOTS of players annoying so they buy their loot, and, if any trader is offline it would be a mess and they wouldn't have anything to do with it until one joins. I don't think traders would spend money on them, unless they have a box that would give them more MGRs as the price they paid for it. I prefer to avoid doing that and keep it like this. I'll have to check and think first.
For quests, there will be more "normal" quests that brings roleplay, for example: Taking care of the station animals, farming, cleaning something, delivering letters... Well, npc and shooting quests will be less seen.

I'll see if this time it goes right. Thanks for the suggestion.

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