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Vassily Pomolov Result12

Characters Birthname: Vassily Pomolov

Alias: None

DOB: 16 February 2000

Homestation: Kourskaya

Mental state: Lone Wanderer Syndrome: Earned from travelling the dark tunnels alone. (Always looks behind him to make sure nothing bad is lurking in the dark).

Occupation: Mapper

Physical-Description:  /5"11/Early 30's/Average Build/172lbs/Moscovite Accent/Blue Eyes/ Short Dark Brown Wavy Hair/ 3'O Clock Shadow/ Small Scar Underneath Right Eye/ Pale White Skin/ He would wear a Dark Brown TrenchCoat with a Hood over his head and a black shirt underneath the Coat/ Wears Dirty black Cargo Pants/He would have a Large Pre-War Gray Survivalist Backpack/Dirty Black Combat Boots/Old torned Black Fingerless Gloves/ He would have a somewhat medium sized rusty Combat Knife in a leather holster strapped to his belt/ A piece of Paper as well as a few pencils would be sticking out of a Pocket on the left side of his Coat/

Character-backstory:  Vassily Pomolov was borned to a somewhat Wealthy Family before the bombs fell, his mother worked in a Second Hand Art School in Moscow while his Father was working for the Governent by drawing maps of the Siberian Wildlands. Vassily and his family was forced into the Moscovite Metro when the bombs fell at the age of 13 and would soon settle in a Triple Docking Station named Kourskaya.

When the Hanza was formed, they would take over Kourskaya and make it a Surface/Frontier Exploring starting point and his father would be hired by the Hanza to firstly help with the Trading Trips to other Independant Stations and Factions before eventually asking for a raise as he would tell them he could draw maps of the tunnels to help people having a safer travelling trip.

When he was 16, Vassily's mother got sick, and with the lack of medicines, she eventually died, Vassily felt really sad and hated his miserable life in the Metro, but a year later, his dad would eventualy ask him if Vassily wanted to accompany him on a Mapping trip, saying that he could teach him how to do so.

Years have passed, Vassily had become a talented Mapper and would be hired to map as his dad was to old to do so. Vassily accepted the offer, thinking it would allow him to see more of the Tunnels than just sitting on his ass and copying other people's maps to sell them.

On the Year 2032, Vassily would mysteriously wakes up in a dark Back-Tunnel with all of his stuff and bullets gone, except his old flashlight. Vassily was panicking as he was hearing strange noises he never heard before and suddently, a Ranger from Polis showed up from a Cross tunnel and would eventualy bring him back to the nearest station wich would be the station most Famous for it's Tea, VDNKh. Vassily would do a few jobs before buying a brand new mapping kit, desperatly needing more bullets to go back to the Hanza, he would decide to venture off into the Frontier with his new Friend Viktor, he was also his body-guard since he had an AK-54.
As he was mapping a tunnel, Vassily started hearing strange noises coming from a dark corner. Being as curious as he was, he'd waves his flashlight in the direction of the corner only to spot a Dark Black creature standing there looking at him, the 'creature' was standing on two legs and had long arms that was dropping down to it's knees, the Creature looked human in nature but it's skin was pure black, blacker than the dark itself and it wore no clothes.
Vassily would quickly turn to Viktor wich was smoking a cigarettes seconds ago before realizing, he was alone. Viktor was gone and no trace of him was to be seen, everything around him turned black and Vassily would start to freak out, he accidently dropped his flashlight and it broke, now the pitch black emptyness spreading in front of him would cause him to gasp for oxygen as he tries to find a way out of there.
"Vassily" heard the man "Why are you here?". At this moment, he was some kind of black mist appearing in front of him with a figure slowly drawing it from it, it would be the same creature he was in the corner and he thought it was talking to him.
"Vassily, why are you in the dark?" the voice slowly turned human as the mist disapeared with the creature in the middle, a bright light flashing in front of his eyes,
"Vassily! What are you doin' in the dark?!" said Viktor. Vassily would shakes his head a little before looking behind him, noticing his broken flaslight laying next to his pencils and paper several feets away. He would simply pick up his stuff and moves back to the station.

Vassily was never the same after this event, he kept hearing noises and voices that werent there and he started saying strange stuff like "The Metro is alive." or "Fear not, if you die, it is the Metro's will."

Vassily would eventually travel back to Kourskaya after two Months where he'd learn his father died of an infection from a cut on a rusty knife. This didn't affect him in any way and he would simply isolate himself in his tent all day long.

A year has passed, Vassily started working for the Hanza again after taking his 'Health Vacation' and would venture off to a remote station called 'Market Station', the Hanza wanted him there for some reasons. Now having all his stuff back, yet forgot to pack his AK-74u, he believes that his torments are over and the voices are gone... Was he wrong?

Faction Relations:
Hansa - Friendly "I've almost always lived under the Hansa and also worked for them, they pay me well, nothin' to complain about."

Rangers - Neutral "Heh, I don't understand what the whole point of venerating them is, they don't do much other than killin' a few bandits."

Fourth Reich - Neutral "I understand how people can hate them, but they haven't done anything against me so I'm cool with them."

Red Line - Complicated "I kinda got a past with the Red Line... Since then I try to stay the hell away from them."

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