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Kurt *Vector* Habicht QCktdTh
Name: Kurt
Surname: Habicht
Codename: Vector
Nationality: German
Place of birth: Berlin
- VSV silenced assault rifle
- Revolver with carved name "Vector's" on it
- Black M9 Bayonet knife
- Black tactic uniform with kevlar vest and helmet
- Black gasmask MK-201
- Tri-visor blue nightvision goggles

Born in Berlin in year 1997, Kurt was growing up in strict conditions, because of educational methods of his father, Hans Habicht, who was an highly ranked officer in the German's army. Kurt wasn't allowed to play with any other children, instead his father was teaching him the basics of survival and how to use a weapon. Kurt remembers his first training pistol very good. It was Mauser C96. In year 2011 Kurt's father decided to leave the country with the whole family in fear of a nuclear war, which took place two years later. They took a long journey to the East, meeting various people on their way. Their supplies were running low with each kilometre they took. Hans wanted to help his family in any way possible, so he took a job of a Mercenary, helping a para-military group in Poland. Their funds grew a bit, but it wasn't much. On one mission Hans got shot in the neck from a revolver and died from the blood loss. Only thing that Kurt and his mother Bertha heard from one of the group's soldiers was "That poor old bastard got scared and ran away.". Kurt's heart suddenly got filled with anger and hate.

A year later, when they finally made it to the Russian Federation territory, Kurt's mother got sick. Kurt searched for a medical help anywhere he could, but without luck. The reason that people didn't want to help him, was his surname. Local residents didn't like foreign people.
On the day he burrowed his mother's corpse he heard a talk of two Russians. They spoke about killing Kurt while he's asleep. Without hesitation Kurt searched the barn he slept in, looking for anything he could use to defend himself on his awaiting journey. All he found was a small revolver with a pack of 20 bullets. He didn't wait long and ran away from the place he stayed in.

It was year 2013. For the first time in his life Kurt got really lucky. He met a man named Pavel, who was working in a Moscow's metro. He offered him a place to sleep in some metro's storage room, supplies and he gave Kurt his word of taking care of him. Well... Of course our story couldn't end happily here. The judgement day has come. Kurt woke up from the massive earthquakes and screams. Suddenly he heard Pavel's voice from his radio: "Close the storage's gate and do not open it until i say so!". After that Kurt could hear a loud screech and then the radio went silent.

4 long years have passed, when suddenly the storage's gate got opened with a huge blast near the lock. A group of men in gasmasks walked in and grabbed Kurt our of the room, taking all the supplies they could carry. They told Kurt about what happened on the surface, that they are a group of survivors looking for supplies all over metro and took him to their base, where Kurt spent 16 years on working out, learning how to handle a hand-made guns and scavenging.

The year 2033 was an unlucky one for that group of scavengers. One night, a huge group of bandits attacked while the scavengers were asleep. It was the night when Kurt took guard duty on the other side of the outpost. He heard screams and gunshots. He ran as fast as he could to the base center, but all he saw were corpses and laughing bandits. Kurt decided to not move from a shadow he hid in and wait for bandits to go away, then look for survivors.
Suddenly he felt a cold metal touch on his head. He turned his head and saw a bandit smiling. Those were seconds when Kurt grabbed his revolver with his left hand and pushed the bandits rifle with his right hand. The outlaw wanted to scream for help, but Kurt was faster. He aimed his revolver at the bandit's forehead and sent a bullet right through. Then he ran behind the shacks to the exit of the base, avoiding all other bandits.

It took him 2 days of running to get to the nearest Market Station. It turned out it's guarded by military group named Hansa and it's friendly to outlanders. Kurt decided to start his new life there, choosing a codename Vector to hide his real name.

Faction Relations:
Hansa - Neutral ("They are guarding the station like they should, got nothing to them.")
Rangers - Friendly ("Those men learned me how to survive in the metro. I owe them my life.")
Fourth Reich - Negative ("I was working for them for a while and I know few members of their army, but I don't like their methods. Also they let my mother die, back before the war. *spits on the ground* F*ck those nazis.")
Red Line - Neutral ("They must be very lucky, cause I never met a single Red in the whole metro yet.")

Personal Relations:
Redhead - Neutral ("Most people call that chick 'Jen', but for me it's just another redhead around. She surely can survive by her own, but it seems like she's avoiding people on purpose. Hah. *laughs* Seems like I'm not the only Lone Wolf in the metro.")
|Vector's favourite song.|


Metro Dweller
Heeey that's pretty gud.


Updated recent relations.


Hey AzureAlex,
Thats pretty damn good Character Presentation ! Smile
It has very detailed background story of your character, which is really awesome ! ^_^
I hope, people are enjoying your character in game, i hope to see more Relations of your character !
+Rep for really good Presentation

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