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Name: Slyvak Oran



Born an orphan in an unforgiving world. Slyvak learned that you either kill. or be killed.

At the early age of 13, Slyvak lead a street gang called the "Reds" in a rough area of Moscow.
You see, Slyvak was very into communism. He would use any means necessary to convert everyone around him to his preferred ideology.

When he was 15, He was one of the most feared youths in Moscow. Even high-end mob bosses would hire him as a bodyguard, This became successful and he was planning on making it into a business.

Then the bombs dropped.

Only a few of Slyvak's best gang members made it with him into the Metro. They were later killed by bandits or mutants. Slyvak had nothing left to live for. But one day, a man in a uniform with a red band around his arm offered him a chance to join the communist revolution in the metro.

Slyvak had finally found his purpose. He was going to fight for the glory of communism in these god forsaken tunnels and avenge every last one of his gang members.



That's a good looking backstory for your character Bonks ! Smile
I hope you are having fun in our Servers ! Smile
+Rep Buddy Razz

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