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Name: Jenny Kalaschnikov

Nickname: Jackal

Age: 21

Physical appearance:

Female with light green eyes, red hair, no scars, jackal tattoo, no piercings, 1.68 meters tall, weights 66 kilogramms.

Mental state:

Suffers from depression and paranoid behaviour. Doesn't trust anyone, works for              her own wealth. Doesn't let her say anything from other people. Takes soft drugs to cure her depression.

Family: Adam Kalaschnikov (Dead)
          Elizabeth Rubanova (Dead)

Jenny Kalaschnikov was born in moscow, she lived with her family in an market station after the bombs fell. After an group of bandits raided the whole market place, her parents got killed and burned down with the market place. She was about 6 years old when that happened. After she wandered arround in the metro somehow surviving an reich member called Suskov find her near a corpse. He took her with him to the reich HQ. She learned discipline and later joined the intel force. Her codename was "Jackal" or "Red Death". From then she was totally loyal to the Reich and the Führer.

After she found out what happened to her parents she got very mentally unstable for some time. He started using drugs which an reich member gave her. Those drugs were radioactive weed. After smoking for a while she got some weird hallucinations of her parents. After she saw her parents she talked with them. They said to her to revenge them and kill all of Reichs enemies. Her new mission is to get as much information about metro as possebile. She want's Revenge.

2D Character:

Personal and faction based relation:
Faction based:
Hasna: Neutral " They do their job keeping everyone safe in the market station... i don't know if i can trust them...
Redline:Friendly: " Well i can use them for my own purpose... i think they will not cause any problems to my plans whatsoever."
Reich: Hated; "Well... i worked for them... before this mad leader appeared. Good thing that i killed him asap. Now i can use my information about reich without any problems."
Rangers:Neutral: "Seem's like they are some sort of a spec ops unit... probably dangerous but they doesn't seem to take their job to serious. If they do something against my plans i have to annulate them."

Personal relations:
'Vik': Friendly; " Well he safed my life once... seem's like he can be usefull some day. But i have to be carefull... seem's like he want's to fuck me... fucking creep whatsoever."
'Abs': Trustworthy: "She seem's to keep secrets to herself... anyways we are comrades and i know she would help me out in a frisky situation... i think she is trustworthy."
Francine: Trustworthy: "She get's me usefull information and keep's secrets for herself... that's pretty loyal. She is a slut... but meh she is just doing her job."
Kurt *Vector* Habicht: Neutral: " I pay him he does his job... old spec ops veteran from the rangers... let's see how our relation will go on. Luckly i got enough information about him from the reich. He just reminds me of myself... loner, killer and doesn't like the reich. Probably i will hire him for a life time, probably i will kill him.. i don't know."


Very interesting character, with a lot of details included Smile
I hope you are having fun in our Server ! Smile

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