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Librarians are huge, quasi-intelligent creatures so named by the metro-dwellers due to their habitat - the Moscow State Library.

In both canons, librarians are much less deformed than other mutants of the Metro, resembling ordinary Gorillas in both posture and overall physical appearance, though they are much larger and have longer and thinner arms. In the game however, they have a fearsome visage, as their faces, somewhat humanoid, have one lip that covers their shark-like teeth and snout. This is caused from the nose and upper lip of their human progenitors fusing over successive generations. They are very territorial and will confront anything that appears to be a threat. They show signs of aggression by roaring and raising their upper lip, showing their teeth as a deterrent like most modern primates do. They are so powerful and territorial that they will even fight a demon if it enters the Library.

Notorious for being some of the most dangerous monsters that inhabit the wastes of Moscow, librarians are very difficult enemies, resilient enough to withstand many point-blank shots even from powerful weapons like the Duplet.

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General information
Sparsely-haired primate
Large, muscular arms, legs, shoulders and back
Large forehead
Large flappy nose structure that covers teeth
Long, three membered hands and feet

Various punches

The Surface

Derived from:
Of primate, human or gorilla origin.

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