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Metro Dweller

Name: The Demon within the Metro (Diablo) This name was given to him by those within the Metro

Age: 15

Physical Description: Diablo would stand at six feet, eight inches tall. He would have red/blackish skin. He eyes would be a very light shade of blue, almost looking white from a distance. He would have long arms and legs that would seem to be extremely muscular.

Strengths and Weaknesses: His strengths would be that he is able to use illusion generation, allowing him to change his appearance, he can use memory exchange to make people remember things or show them something he remembers, shadow walk which allows him to rapidly move once becoming a puff of smoke, and telepathy which allows him to speak to others by touching them.

Backstory (Atleast 4 paragraphs): Angelus was born in 2018, brought into a world that was somewhat destroyed and one being built. Upon growing up he wondered what had happened to those that once lived on the surface, the world prior to his. He wondered how they used to live, if they were happy, and why their world was destroyed. He lived within the habitat built by his elders, a home he'd love but eventually leave once becoming older. At the age of five he had finally learned the ability to shadow walk, allowing him to move rapidly at ease.

A few weeks after being taught the ability to shadow walk, by his father, he experienced the worse feeling he would ever learn to know, saddness and a deep hatred for humans. Both his father and mother, were unexpectedly captured by those who dwelled below. This news was brought to him by one of the elders. He requested that they go out in search of his mother and father. He was downright denied.

After being denied by elders that had known him since he was born, he ventured alone, in search of his parents. He traveled several days before coming across the last known location of his parents. He was quickly able to pick up their trail and follow it. Upon following said trail he would eventually find where his parents were. He'd find their dead corpses being toyed with by those that lived below the surface.

It was from that day on, Angelus let the hatred for humans flow within him. He attacked the humans, causing them to lose their minds and eventually cause them to kill each other. After the slaughter was over, he would kneel by his parents and say his final goodbyes. Now, he would make his way into the Metro, and continue fueling his rage.

Steam Name: L2HUNT2

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:55469471

What do you know about the Dark Ones based on lore?: I know that they are the next step of evolution to humans. I know that they posses powers human's could only imagine. I know that they are immune to the radiation emmitted by the nuclear fallout.

How long have you been roleplaying for?: As stated in my Stalker application, for quite sometime now.
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