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Metro Dweller

Name: Viktor Petrovich

Age: 20

Why do you want to be a Stalker?: Viktor has always heard tales of those that traveled to the surface and back. How they would bring back items from the world that he never knew. It had always been his goal to become just like them.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Viktor is charming when he needs to be, respectful, and generous. On the other hand he can be cruel when he wants to be and not to mention, ruthless.

Physical Description: The man standing before you would stand at six feet, four inches tall, he would tower over most. The man would have jet black hair. He would surprisingly look pretty muscular once his coat is off| He would be wearing a kevlar jacket along with a pair of black pants and boots| A gasmask and filters would be attached to his waist.| Hidden revolver on his chest|

Backstory (1-2 Paragraphs)
The year was 2013, that was the year the whole world changed. Nuclear warheads approached every part of the world, no one knew total anihilation was coming, that's how most of the casualties were caused. But there were still some, within Russia that survived. They went underground, to the "Metro", underground tunnels designed for trains. It was on that day, the day that life was destroyed, life was brought into the world. I was born on that day, the day the world ended. During my birth my father was nowhere around, most likely killed at work. It was just my mother and I, she did her very best rasing me everyday she was with me.

Around the age of ten is when I lost her, due to no antibiotics, she succumed to a sickness within the station. I however was immune. After the passing of my mother I learned how to fend for myself. I would obtain some items, trade them or sell them, in other cases I would become a pickpocket. By the age of eighteen I was able to purchase my first weapon, a backpack, and some armor. I knew that if I wanted to follow my dream of becoming a stalker, then I couldn't do it by staying at my home station. After saying my goodbye to my home, I left, hoping to find where to find the one piece to complete my dream, so maybe I would have one thing in this life to be happy about.

After two years of looking, I eventually found what that one piece would be...(Now we're in the present)


Steam Name: L2HUNT2

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:55469471

Do you have a gasmask?: Yes (If refunded)

Do you have a weapon?: Yes (If refunded)

What do you know about Stalkers based on lore?: I know that they are those that venture out to the surface, and unlike almost all, they make it back alive. They use what they find on the surface as a source of income, selling it and in some cases, keeping it.

How long have you been roleplaying for?: Quite some time now, I started officially roleplaying since 2014, so a good amount of time.

P.S. I hope you guys enjoyed the backstory I really put effort into making it, I loved making it too, especially starting from scratch and turning it into the life I portray on the server. Please do comment what you think about this application.
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