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Name: Razin 'Britva' Kursalin

Age: Twenty-Five

Backstory (At least 1 or 2 paragraphs): I was born in Moscow on April 9th, 2008. I was raised by two very loving parents. They had a very good bit of money and wanted the best for me, but when my father admitted his criminal past to my mother... it was too late. When I was three his father was arrested for various accounts of Assault, Robbery, and Murder. He was found guilty by trial and was killed when I turned 4. I was sent to a nice private pre-school. I started 'following' in my father's footsteps. I stole lunch money, beat kids up for fun, and etcetera.

When my mother was told this, I was going to be sent to a military school in Kyzyl, but before the bus I was put on could leave, the bombs dropped, my mother rushed my sorry ass out of there and we ran to the nearest metro entrance. My... my mother was trampled in the chaos and I was left alone to the darkness of the Metro. I found a way to live... robbery. I formed a small bandit group at the age of 14. The group consisted of only three kids, including myself. The two others attempted to mug me, and during a scuffle, I grabbed a rusty box cutter from near by, slicing both of their throats, earning myself the nickname 'Britva' or 'Razor'.

Why do you want to be a Bandit?: I want to bring justice to my mother, killing the unorganized swine that ran over and killed her.


Steam Name: [DIR] Golf

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:70529166

How long have you been playing Roleplaying for?: For about two or three years.

What do you know about Bandits based on lore?: They kill, mug, extort, and rape the people of the metro. They sometimes have conflict with station guard, factions, or other bandit groups.

Do you have a weapon?: No.
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