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How long have you been playing serious rp servers: Around a year and a half. Started in Military Roleplay and went out from there.
Why do you want to join this faction: To enhance the roleplaying experience of myself and others. I think it'd be incredibly satisfying to carry out this role.
What can you bring to the roleplay: Previous experience that I have gained from my time spent in serious roleplay, which can help others. An open mind so that I can learn to further my own roleplaying experience and learn new ideas/thought of mind.
Brief paragraph or two explaing The Fourth Reich and their beliefs:

The Fourth Reich are an extremist far right faction within the metro universe as a whole. The Reich adopted such ideology from the doctrine of Hitler's Third Reich. They are a totalitarian faction which is headed by the Fuhrer. The Fourth Reich they believe in racial purity and genetic purity which they will 'defend', by defend I mean death; anyone who doesn't fit their perfectionist ideals is killed.

The Fourth Reich seeks to unify all stations within the Metro under their banner and ensure the survival of the human race as a whole, with constant 'improvement' of their perfectionist standards. The Reich is divided between soliers 'Soldat' and civilians, however said civilians are still called Nazis as they live inside the Reich controlled stations. All people who live under the Reich are usually indoctrinated and brainwashed into this ideology.

What would your duties entail as a trooper,heavies,scout or stalker:

Duties overall? To protect and ensure the genetic and racial purity of the Metro. Specific duties are as follows. -Troopers are the basis of their army, doing general work invading other stations, heavily patrolling their own stations, searching for people who are not 'genetically pure' and searching for any and allthreats to the Reich
-Heavies are the support, using larger weapons such as flamethrowers or machineguns they wear incredibly tough armour and support the troopers buy suppressing the enemies and driving through them.
-Scouts (More or less in the name) operate in smaller groups (By themselves or with a few others), primarily by gathering intelligence on The Reds, The Rangers. You name it and Scouts will gather as much intelligence on whatever the target is, they are vital to keeping the Reich up to date and fresh on what goes on in the Metro.

-Stalkers are the select few elites who go to the surface in groups to search for and recover pre-war supplies, they set up bases on the surface to further the Reich's grip on the Metro in general and are again vital in allowing the Reich to expand.

Give me couple of /me roleplay examples:

/it A Reich Heavy is manning a checkpoint.
/me would hear the rumble and light from an approaching cart, The Heavy readies his machinegun and shout: "Stop! You are approaching a Reich checkpoint! Declare yourselves or you will be shot!"

/me would ready his Kalash and await for the commander to give the command to fire. The commander instructs- "Open fire!" and (my character's name) would do so, mowing the approaching Reds to pieces. He continues to push through the futile Reds, given his superior firepower and armor he allows the troopers to move up.

/me would smash the butt of his rifle into the back of the head of the 'impure' dweller. He would proceed to open fire on the defenseless metro dwellers.

/me would remove the magazine of his AK-74 and reload a fresh mag, he would fire around the wall at the bandits. Given his superior training and equipment he shoots at the unsuspecting bandits.

/me would crawl along a pipe, slowly, as to not alert the soldiers manning the Red checkpoint. He slowly and carefully begins to note down the numbers of the soldiers, their behaviour, and their moral.

/me would remain in place, making virtually no noise or movement. (Character) slowly checks his watch to note down what times the soldiers change their guards.

/me would quickly place his gasmask on and replace his scarf and helmet. He performs a quick radio check with his commander and proceeds to move up to an empty building. He checks with a pre-war map to ensure he is able to move toward a preselected building.

/me would check the building and radio his commander that the building is secure and begin to set up the newly accquired Reich Surface safehouse.

Do you understand that if you abuse on this job or are inactive you will lose this whitelist: Yes.


Character Name: Alexei Kalashka
Character Age: 23 Years Old.
Character Description:Male|Light Blue Eyes|20's|Athletic Build|Clean Shaven|Buzzcut Hair|6|Wearing Reich Issued Fatigues|Well Maintained Helmet|Gas Mask In Handy Pouch|Well Maintained Webbing|Clean Boots|Carrying an AK-74|

Character Backstory (2-3 paragraphs min):

Alexei was born and raised in Russia, his mother a nurse and his father an accountant. He grew up with a middle class family and went to a public school, and took an interest in modern history from a young age. Alexei was relatively smart and independant from a young age, until his mother passed away due to a car accident and his father subsequently began to drink heavily, regularly hitting and fighting with Alexei.

This caused Alexei to become more roguish and even end up spending a few brief spells in prison, after which he began to pull himself together and hold down a small time job and as old habits die hard, his interest in modern history; specifically the rise of the nazis allowed him to return to education. Alexei even managed to get himself into university, studying the nazis that is until the nukes fell.

Alexei began to take small parts of the Third Reich's Ideology and pull it into his own view of life, believing that facist ideology could unite people and make them strong, however he also took the idea that the human race must be kept clean. No inbreeding and the idea that raidiation could affect the human gene pool, due to the stress of Metro life he proceeded to genuinely believe that the human race will become unclean and perhaps be influenced negatively by the ever-illusive and mysterious 'Dark Ones'.

Alexei continued to stew, upon learning of the Reich's re-emergence he would support them in private, taking their doctrine and merging it with his own which continued to ultimately make him a firm supporter of the Reich. He would look down on anyone he believed to be genetically impure.

Alexei eventually made contact with the Fourth Reich, helping two 'Soldat' fight off monsters and surviving multiple anomalies (Miroslav Kerilenko can verify this, alongside Obergefreiter. Jorvak Gruber)

Characters political views: Extreme Far Right, a merged view formed from the doctrine of The Third Reich and the new Fourth Reich. (Refer to backstory for info.)

Characters views of outsiders(people who has not been born in Reich):They are essentially unclean and genetically impure. He despises them, however he himself genuinely believes he is clean as he conducts himself in such a manner that makes him clean.
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