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Metro Dweller

Name: Selica Torkiska

Age: Twenty-Eight

Physical Description: Female Posture | 8.3 Ft | Dark Blue Eye's | Multiple Scares | Big Muscles |

Strengths and Weaknesses: Smart, Fast, Strong. [Bad] Hard To Hide, Partially Blind

Backstory (Atleast 4 paragraphs): [IC] She is a Female Dark one that was born in Moscow in 2017 She was fairly new to the world not knowing off before she often walked around ruins off once landmarks off great people until she was found by Renmants off the Russian Guard Regiment where her Parents were shot by a PKM due to them being in fear they ran and she went into a state off anger and murderd them and leaving no survivors putting there bodies on the Monuments and to this day she is hostile to anyone with a Uniform off Military Origin when she was older she explored the Metro never showing herself to Public eye and secretly killing bandits and Ranger's she had mutch hate for the ranger's due to there Uniform and Militarized Way's she still roams to this day.........


Steam Name:  "Per Mare, Per Terram"

Steam ID:
What do you know about the Dark Ones based on lore?: There Sapient Evolved Humans from the Nuclear Radiation [10/10]

How long have you been roleplaying for?: Long I have played in Major Minor Roles since the beginning.
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Accepted. I'm going to add you in game as soon, as possible.
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