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How long have you been playing serious rp servers: Well over three thousand hours.

Why do you want to join this faction: When I played Metro: Last Light, I felt that the Reich was kind of left out a bit in terms of explanation of how they're run and what not and I think they'd be a good faction to experience.

What can you bring to the roleplay: I have over 3000 hours of roleplay experience and I know the difference of IC and OOC and when I need to be serious, I get serious immediately.

Brief paragraph or two explaing The Fourth Reich and their beliefs: The Fourth Reich is pretty much a fascist organization similar to the Nazi's and with similar beliefs, for example: the Fourth Reich oppresses those that they feel are inferior to their own kind, like how the Nazi's viewed the Jewish in a sense. Another comparison to the Nazi's that I could make, is that the Fourth Reich fight the Red Line which is similar to the Soviets. The case with the Fourth Reich oppressing those that they feel are inferior, only abide to those that have deformities of even the smallest in nature.
The Fourth Reich control three main metro stations: Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya and Pushkinskaya. They refer to these stations as 'The Riech'. If a metro dweller is found to have deformities within 'The Reich' or even outside of it's boundaries if found are put to death for their genetic disorder(s).

What would your duties entail as a trooper,heavy,scout or stalker: As a trooper, your duty would be to patrol the metro tunnels under the Reich's control and make sure the checkpoints are still secure and during the time of war, you will fight for the glory of the Reich on the frontlines.
As a Heavy, your duty is to defend the Reich's metro stations or checkpoints, during the time of war your duties are to suppress the enemy to that the troopers can gain a foothold on the enemies defenses to ensure an easier victory.
As a Scout, your duty is to scout out enemy defenses before a battle or raid on an enemy checkpoint so that the troopers and heavies know what they're up against before they even need to fight the enemy.
As a Stalker, your duties are to maintain the Reich's fuel and outer entrances to their metro stations and make sure the routes are clear of mutants and or bandits.

Give me couple of /me roleplay examples: /me Raises his rifle with his finger on the trigger, pressing the butt of the rifle against his right shoulder as he aims down his scope, adjusting the scope to the range of his target; he then gently squeezes the trigger, exhaling as he squeezes until the rifle fires.

Do you understand that if you abuse on this job or are inactive you will lose this whitelist: Of course.


Character Name: Miroslav Kerilenko
Character Age: 45
Character Description:
A man standing at about 6'1", light Russian accent, greying hair and beard, voice is similar to kiefer sutherland, wearing a weathered ushanka, a dirty gaskmask, a utlility uniform with a military style plate carrier over top, and a backpack with a sleeping mat, hanging from his belt and backpack is a collection of supplies from a universal charger to gask mask filters. (Will change with new model/faction)

Character Backstory (2-3 paragraphs min): I lived in Moscow almost his entire life, I was raised by a loving and supportive Mother and Father. My parents taught me to have a sense of pride and a firm grip of determination with everything that I do; I excelled through my education and eventually began my enrollment into the Moscow Industrial Academy. During my time in the Academy, I enlisted into the reserves in the Russian Army in the 51st Guard Artillery Division.
When the bombs fell, I had already retired from the Army a year before hand and I was working as an Instrumentation Engineer in the Metro station of Tverskaya and as a result, I lived in Tverskaya sicne then. When The Fourth Reich was instilled into the station, it made me realize that the old ways of politics were responsible for the destruction of the world, and The Reich was a clear path for the future. So I enlisted into it's ranks in hopes of a better future for both the Metro and the world.

Characters political views: I feel that Capitalism and Communism are both to blame for the how the world is today. Due to that belief, I think that both of these political movements should be eradicated before they make matters worse and destroy the world again.

Characters views of outsiders(people who has not been born in Reich): As long as they don't have any impurities, they're fine in my book unless they're part of the Capitalists or Commies.
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Accepted, Good Job.
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