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Metro Dweller

Name: Adam Fezler

Age: 23

Why do you want to be a Stalker?: To research the world that was left behind. The surface that we once walked upon safely. To show the underground world which we call metro that what's left behind from the past

Strengths and Weaknesses: Communicative with people, psyhically not really strong

Physical Description: |Male|23 y/o|Black Hooded Trench Coat|Ocean Blue Eyes|Brown Hair|Black Fingerless Gloves|Black Boots|Hungarian Accent|

Backstory (1-2 Paragraphs)

After the bombs fell upon the surface he started his new life in the russian metro system that people used to have, to travel around Moscow. He usually spent his time working for simple jobs like fixing lights and water system, carrying different kind of supplies all around the metro system, to only work for a few bullets to get his daily food. While he was working he always looked around himself to see the kids who has to live in this condition, seeing how they only play with rotted away toys and junk. One day while he was supposed to carry out a few supplies to a nearby station the traintracks was cut off by mutants, they contacted his team that there was mutant activity on the line that they were going on so their only way to carry the supplies to the next station was the surface. After a few minutes they grabbed everything and put their gasmask on and searched for a nearby exit to the surface, again a few minutes later they found a ladder that led out to the surface. Sadly their mission that they were tasked for was unsuccesfull, due to the fact that they encountered bandits on the surface. He got away with a small wound on his arm and with one of his group member but he was badly wounded so he bleed out halfway after they got away. He used up most of his filters while searching for a metro entrance. When it got dark he saw a light in one of the ruined apartments and he decided to go look for some help. When he got there, there was nothing expect someones lost gear, he wanted someone to help him so he had to wait. Thirty minutes later a man came into the apartment, who carefully searched him for any kind of weaponry. After he searched him the man handed him a bottle of vodka meanwhile he said that to him "You're propably thirsty, here take this bottle and when you get down again drink it." He was really confused but he gone for it and took the bottle and agreed to what he said. He then asked for help once again, the man just looked at him for a while and said "Alright I'll help you but then you need to help me. You see I'm a man who wants to bring back stuff from the surface. And I want your help aswell. I will lead you back to safety but you have to work for me." He kindly agreed to the mans offer. He got a badge from him which said 'stalker'. "This is your group now and your job is to work for me and the group's porpuse which is to get the remainings of the past back to the metro." He agreed to this aswell. He felt forced for a while but he was happy with his decision, beacuse the group was doing the same thing what he wanted a while ago


Steam Name: [HUN] Sorikon

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:24868714

Do you have a gasmask?: Yes

Do you have a weapon?: Yes

What do you know about Stalkers based on lore?: A group which is basically risk their own lives to get supplies from the surface down to the metro lines. Some of them keeps their loot and some of them shares it with one of the nearby stations

How long have you been roleplaying for?: 4 years in chat and in-game 3 years
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