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Metro Dweller

Name: Yakushev Milan Olegovich

Age: 45

Why do you want to be a Stalker?:
It’s not more of why I want to be a Stalker but it is who I am, I scavange the tunnels and surface on an often basis.   I suppose you could say it’s because the scrap I aquire is my livelihood, the risks I take is what keeps me alive.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
I’m fourty-five, though my mind comes with experience, my body must be exercised repeatedly and cautiously to reduce the strain on my body.  Asides from that, being human is a weakness enough, the environment doesn’t suit me too well, nor’ does the damned mutants.  I bleed easily you see.

Physical Description: 5’9, Looks roughly in his fourties, brown hair burned with grey hairs throughout the crown of his head, green eyes, greyish stubble.

Backstory (1-2 Paragraphs)

Before the bombs fell, Yakushev was an ordinary character.  Naturally he was a conscript to the Russian Army and by his term of service’s end he found himself living is Moscow operating industrial factories for his minimal wage.   Yakushev found himself being swept up and drafted somewhat towards the end of 2012 as the heated tensions between the Russia and Nato began to escalate.  
Yakushev found himself drafted among Moscow’s very own home-guard, it is because of this fact he was among the first to enter the Moscow metro system came the great war of 2013.  Huddled among the survivors he’d organise and ration the remains of what humanity had to other survivors.   Come afew years later, Yakushev left the remnants of the homeguard within’ the Hanza with the very little he had.  Soon enough he’d find himself cooking rats, mice and other good eating like so others just to survive.  It is due to this, he’d often travel out into the metro system with small expeditions of survivors to gather the little scraps they could manage from the left over cargo of those trapped and long passed away within’ the tunnels.   Yakushev after many years now plans an expedition, but not deeper into the tunnels, but to the surface where he hopes to gain more then just scraps.


Steam Name: Madcombat

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:6108671

Do you have a gasmask?: Yes

Do you have a weapon?: Yes

What do you know about Stalkers based on lore?:
“In the metro, the rare daredevils who had the guts to venture to the surface were called stalkers. In protective suits and gas masks with tinted glass, they were heavily armed as they ascended to the surface in search of items that were necessities for everyone: military supplies, equipment, replacement parts, fuel ... There were hundreds of men who dared to do this. Those who were able to make it back alive could be counted on one's finger - and these men were worth their weight in gold.”

Stalker is the general term for any individual who venture to the surface for valuable supplies, they risk the ultimate price; their life in their pursuit of obtaining these supplies.   Stalkers will often search for fuel, ammo and other salvageable materials to sell in the depths below however often most of the time, stalkers do not make it back to the comforts of the metro.  Stalkers use small techniques, and sometimes will establish stashes on the surface for when the going gets rough.  They’ll use techniques such as using their flashlight as a means to signal to other stalkers to communicate and establish weak-truces between parties.  Stalkers tend to also follow certain rules and guidelines based on surface folklore such as the eyes off the kremlin star rule.

The term stalker is derived from the book: Roadside picnic by the Strugatski brothers.

How long have you been roleplaying for?: Since Gmod 9 in 2005
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