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[Rank System]

Soldat (Private)
Obersoldat (Private first Class)
Gefreiter (Lance Corporal)
Obergefreiter (Corporal)
Obergefreiter (Senior Corporal)
Stabsgefreiter (Administrative Corporal)

Non Comissioned Officer Ranks
Unteroffizier (Sergeant)
Unterfeldwebel (Staff Sergeant)
Feldwebel (Sergeant First Class)
Oberfeldwebel (Master Sergeant)
Stabsfeldwebel (Sergeant Major)

Officer ranks
Untersturmführer (2nd Lieutenant)
Obersturmführer (1st Lieutenant)
Hauptsturmführer (Captain)
Sturmbannführer (Major)
Obersturmbannführer (Lieutenant Colonel)
Further than this can not be achieved.


-Infantry [Common Soldier]
-SS [Elite Infantry]
-Mechanized [Vehicle Infantry]


-Scout [Sniper Unit's]
-STALKER [Surface Expedition Team]
-Heavy Unit [Armored Unit]
-Soldier [Regular Forces]

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