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This are some suggestions for the new train Station:

Car(t) renting:
You would be able to rent a surface Car or a Hand Cart at the Station from a Mechanical.
The Surface car would get hidden on the surface for you.
You get Hand carts from the station itself. If a cart gets destroyed you need to pay more MGR's.

New Role - Mechanical:
Mechanicals would rent Carts and surface cars and they would upgrade your weapons (when it will be able with a crafting system) like: Kalash + Silencer = Kalsh with Silencer.
They would be the only role withelisted for heavy crafting (when the new crafting system will be available) like upgrading weapons etc.

Weapon upgrading:
The Train Station would be the only tation where you can upgrae your weapons
(tarders wouldnt be able to hand upgraded weapons out out, just Mechanicals could sell or upgrade them for MGR's or the resources from you)

I hope you like my ideas

xoxo, Momo
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