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Name: Vladislav Kartaushka

Age: 34

Backstory (Atleast 1-2 Paragraphs)
Vladislav, born in Moscow with a poor family, his communist ideas became stronger, and at the age of 15 enlisted in the Far Left group of the City, vandalising fascist monuments and beating up men that had far right beliefs.
At the age of 20 when the bombs dropped he refuged underground hiding from the radioactive waste of the surface with his comrades, some died and some not, as the ages passed he found himself at 34, enlisting in the Red line and on his first day, on top of the metro, at the surface, killed a whole battalion of Reich men taking over a base by himself, holding it for his comrades.
After days and promotions, he was given a decision by the Hans a Leader, permanent excile from Hansa or becoming a Guard, he chose the most obvious, and joining the guard.

Physical Description: 6'7|Russian male|Camo armor|Grey balcava|Camo sweater|Red armband on right arm|Camo pants|Black heavy boots|Striped white and blue shirt under jacket|Black undershirt|Early to late 30s|Black hair|Blue eyes|Short and rough beard|Heavy duty armour covering full body|Green helmet covering most of his head

Strengths and Weaknesses:
-Heavy armoured;
-Handling large and heavy firearms;

Why did your character join Hansa?: He was given two choices, exile from Hansa or leave Red Line and become a guard, he decided to become an Hansa Guard.

Any side notes about your character we should know?: I was Starshina, AKA Sergeant Major during my time in Hansa.


Steam Name: RipCars2017

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40302961

Age: 16

What is your knowledge on the Metro 2033 Lore?: I played MEtro 2033, Last Light and I red the books.

What do you know about Hansa?: Hansa is the Commonwealth of the Stations of the Ring Line, put up after the death of the Central Command, enlisting guards and peacekeepers, in war against the Red Line adn the Reich even tho it is a neutral station.

Do you understand it may take awhile before you may be promoted?: Yes I understand.

How long have you been roleplaying for?: Since Gmod 12 starting with early concepts of Star Wars and Halo serious RP.
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Metro Dweller

- Played Metro 2033 a bit
- Played for some time on server


- RIP proper english
- Your RP is average

Final Result:

ACCEPTED under watch, people will look at your actions and leading to mingery will result in de-whitelistement
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