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Metro Dweller

How long have you been playing serious rp servers: About 4 years

Why do you want to join this faction: Because I think the ideas of factions and the membership within is a thing, that could benefit all sides of the community.

What can you bring to the roleplay: A realistically acting character.

Brief paragraph or two explaing The Fourth Reich and their beliefs:
The Fourth Reich is a neo-narcistic group, based on the third reich in germany. It is hostile against disabled people, or people with an other origin than russian. They are fearless soldiers and brainwashed people, wo would die for their "Führer".
The remarks of fascism are also on their flag, the 3 winged swastika, symbolising their 3 home stations.
The Reich is split into sections such as, the reich, the civillians and the soldiers.
The soldiers are only recruited inside the station, so the recruiteers know, that they are pure blooded and good fighters.
While the citizen are brainwashed people, living a daily life in the prospering stations.

What would your duties entail as a trooper,heavies,scout or stalker:
Trooper: Patrol with a squad, remain on guard duty. If a firefight breaks out, wait for orders and then return the fire.

Heavy: Go first into the fight and act as a tank, draw all the attention to him.

Scout: Sneaky sniper/scavenger, that needs to locate enemies or resources.

Stalker: A tough soldier that goes outside into the nuclear devastation some may call "russia".

Give me couple of /me roleplay examples:
(This is on a scavenge run)
/me unholsters is gun, he raises it, looking down the tunnel as it appeared that sounds came from there. He begins to crouch. Closely listening.
/it The sounds get nearer and nearer, until a dog comes out of the dark.
/me Aims at the dog looking at it.
/it The dog appears to be a stray one, he doesn't appear to be mutated.
/me Takes out his radio and begins to speak into it :"I've found a dog on the scavenge run, he appears to be somewhat healthy."
/it The radio makes noises :"We don't need any mutants in the reich, fullfill your mission."
/me "Yes Sir!" He proceeds to dump the radio again into his backpack, aiming at the dog with his rifle. saying :"Tsüss". Before shooting 2 bullets into the brain of the mammal.
/it The dog gets shot 2 times, once in the left eye socket and once on the forehead, his body drops to the floor.
/me Stands up again, proceeding to go into the dark.

Do you understand that if you abuse on this job or are inactive you will lose this whitelist: Yes


Character Name: Ivan Schönbrunn

Character Age: 21

Character Description:
This man, appears to have blue eyes and dark hair, he is looking rather tall, standing at 1,85m. He has a forced german accent everytime he speaks, wearing the Reich Swastika on his uniform. His uniform consists of dark clothing, it looks well kept and is very clean. He as a AK-47 stripped onto the back of him, and a pistol holster with a revolver inside of it.

Character Backstory (2-3 paragraphs min):
Ivan was born in Chekhovskaya, as a son of a soldier and a house wife. He had some relatives, one of them was Alexei. They were rather like brothers, even thought noone knew which kind of relatives they were. They lived in one home inside the station, and taught each others the values of the Reich and the race purity.
They were rather good kids. Their fathers were proud to have those sons, and began to taught him how to fight when he was 12. The fascist doctrine fascinated Ivan, he was inspired that he could one day become also a soldier. Soon his wishes were granted apparently. After hard training and every day brainwash, he was let into the ranks of the Militia. He got a AK-47 and a Reich uniform, which he wore proudly.

One day, their Sturmbannführer got a new objective for them, to patrol around a nearby station, which acts as a puppet state for the Red Line. He thanked his father and mother for their help, and went onto the mission with his squad. Patrolling around the station, waiting for days. Until they saw a band of ryadovois drunk, going around the tunnels. They sang the soviet hymn and stumbled across the train tracks. Ivan was watching them carefully. Having a tight grip on his AK-47, and then, the order came. "FEUER", said the Offizier. He rose gun, aiming at the drunk soldiers.
Shots fell, but then silence came soon after. The Offizier said "Gut Gemacht". And then checked if they were really dead. Ivan was looking at the corpses, with a sort of sadistic look on is face he smiled.
But, soon after that, the Red Line elite came. Soldiers with heavy armor and flamethrowers, chanting anti-fascist slurs and provocating words... The Offizier looked at them, then looked back to us. But suddenly he was shot in the back by a Yefreytor. Laughing could be heard coming from the tunnel where the bullet came from, and the Offizier began to yell. We all opened fire onto the tunnel, but flames came back. Another soldier and I grabbed the Offizier by the shoulder and attempted to get him back into the safe lines. But then, bastard fire reign. Thousands of small projective shots richochet trought the tunnels, hitting every piece of armor we had.
I began to pick up the offizier, as others were standing ground. Then I told them to "Retreat and return fire", this results into an effective tactic against the red line, as they began to storm onto us. Tens of ryadovois running into the fire of AK-47, dropping one by one. We barely made it out anymore, more blood has been spilled on that day, than Ivan saw in his life.

Back in the base, we had lost one soldier to his injuries, and the offizier barely made it out, unable to continue the fight against communist sadly.
The reich was now lacking on a CO, but Ivan was recommended to fill that place, as he has shown true qualities in that Stalingrad like situation.
After being promoted, Ivan held speeches how important it is to stand the ground against communism, how the Führer has given you all a place to live under his wing, and that is a value to die for.
Ivan grew a hate to people who wouldn't fight for the reich, resulting in a mixed feelings in neutral stations. Sometimes even resulting in a beating of dwellers, because he thought they were communists.
Under the years, Ivan got a reputation for being kinda sadistic to enemies, being feared by people was a constant thing for him. He began to like it, as he saw that people backed off soon enough they saw him.
He began to hold speeches in neutral stations, assemblings dwellers for a fascist coup, resulting in an annexation of the station for the Reich.
Under his political engagement, The Sturmbannführer himself, came to visit Ivan. He fell onto his knees and bowed to him. As soon as he stood up he shook his hands and began to talk about his tactics in war and politics.
Ivans' Ideas were stealth based, trying to have a enough support from the dwellers before attacking the station, sometimes, the stations would even surrender before him, fearing his wrath upong denying a proposal.

He was promoted to Untersturmführer in some months, leading a small group of loyal soldiers and inspecting nearby stations every now and then. He liked the civil life, drinking with his men off duty and having fun. But, he had very little understanding of soldiers who didn't do their job. He began to make small paper posters, propaganda for the reich, sticking them everywhere in the stations. Soldiers who wouldn't follow his orders without asking, were often hit by the own squad, and everyone who would deny hitting them, would also get hit. He was a harsh but charismatic leader, appearing that he is ready to do anything for the fascist doctrine and the reich. He was sent by the Sturmbannführer to a new section in the metro, the station is guarded by Hansa and overall neutral. He took interest into the station as it seems. But, this story is yet to be written...

Characters political views:

Characters views of outsiders(people who has not been born in Reich):
I do not trust any outsider to be honest. Those people didn't do anything good in their lifes to be treated with respect.
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