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 Nuke 'em Ed

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This character hasn't been created yet so I am only looking for a white list not a transfer.

Name: Nosalis

Age: N/A

backstory skipped, there isn't much other than that it is a creature, likely a mole rat, that has been  mutated into a Nosalis. Preferably, I would like to be a dark Nosalis if available but I will be happy with any type.

Why do you want to be a Nosalis? I would like to have a Nosalis white list to add more role play variety so players will have something to fear and fight against even when no staff are on to spawn NPCs. This also means players will have to add up the risks and benefits of leaving the safety of the station to scavenge. This will also open up other great rp opportunities as players will no longer be against the same NPC mutants but rather against a thinking player where danger could lurk around every corner.


Steam name: Nuke 'em Ed

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:14286550

How long have you been role playing for? At least 2 years. I have also role played on #CHEEST3R's original apocalypse rp server before it was taken down.

what do you know about Nosalis based on lore? First off, I have read the wiki page and played Metro 2033.

Nosalis is a general term given to a variety of mutants. Nosalis are the most common type of mutant found in the metro and it is believed to be that they mutated from mole rats.
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Looks good, would like to see you as Nosalis wooping bandits and others ass xD
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