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Metro Dweller

Name: Vladislav Patrakov.

Age: 23.

Why do you want to be a Stalker?: Researches the place which we have destroyed. Production of those things about which we have almost forgotten.

Strengths and Weaknesses:Sympathetic, kind, pacifist. Silent. Often when ask questions, is silent, and then speaks.

Physical Description: Pleasant appearance, the tightened constitution, average height.

Backstory (1-2 Paragraphs)
War has destroyed all dreams of people and hope. Someone wanted to become the famous actor, and someone the pilot, but we have changed this world. The ceiling of tunnels changes us the sky, the sun...
Vladislav was one of people who have taken refuge in the subway-.
Vlad in 2010 at ENEA was born. 2011 on August 26, to Vlad was one year. Life seemed the fairy tale for the little boy, but he didn't know yet what waited for him...
Mosk. 2013.
The Doomsday has come. The sound of sirens has been heard on all city, and crowds of people made the way in the subway. Terrible there was a show. Everything that we built, all what we valued - we have destroyed all this.
Vlad's family together with him, have taken refuge in tunnels of the subway.
Subway. 2014.
Little Vlad, in 4 years, with the aunt Zina gathered mushrooms. Life at a family "slid" down. There wasn't enough money, and the father had problems. Difficult then there lived Vlad, but for those times, this difficulty - was a trifle.
Subway. 2018.
At the ENEA station, mother Vladislav - has died, and the father - has committed suicide. The aunt Zina has sheltered Vlad. She replaced to him mother. Every day, Vlad played with local boys.
There he has met the best friend - Grisha.
Subway. 2023.
Vladislav wasn't interested in children's entertainments any more. In 13 years, the little boy already read Nietzsche's works. Could earn independently cartridges and live in prosperity.
Subway. 2028. year. November 26
In the 18, Vlad has begun to look for new ways of earnings. Having seen the friend Grigory, that has told him about a stalkerstvo. Has spoken that it is easy money. Vlad without deliberating has decided to be engaged in this business
First exit to a surface.
From Vlad's diary.
The gnash of pipes sounded in my ears. When I walked upstairs up, I thought that I go to the sky, to a clear sky! Having opened a door, beams of the sun have rushed to my eyes. Having passed forward. I have examined vicinities of an entrance to the subway. Snow laid down to me directly on a gas mask. Having squeezed the submachine gun in hands I came to vicinities. Everything was to such acquaintance, such family. The city was empty, and earlier life prospered here. Having passed a little, I have seen pack of guards. Having taken cover from these creatures, in shop, I have gone further. Having nestled on the car, the corpse of people lay. Having searched him, I have found cartridges on the weapon. On a surface it became colder - yes more cold. Wind has loudly raised a howl, and I have gone to an exit from a surface.
Walking to an exit in the subway, I have heard growl. Having looked at a roof of an entrance to the subway, I have seen 'demon'. I have taken cover behind car. The demon has furiously flown on me, Priletev on the middle of the area to me, he has begun to look for me. It was difficult for me to hide from this creature. A mutant growling, it was turned over an entrance to the subway. Having waited 10 minutes, I have looked at an entrance roof. The mutant continued to watch everything that occurred. My place - very badly was seen from a roof.
Having stayed 20 minutes, I have looked at a cover. The mutant wasn't. Having risen, I have run to an exit in the subway. Suddenly behind, on me 'demon' not has departed. I continued to run. It seemed that just about this creature will seize me claws... Having reached a door, I have sharply slammed it. This tvaryuga having beaten out a door, has flown to the building. I already approached a ladder and suddenly... The Tvaryuga has seized my suit claws and has thrown to the stand with magazines. Got closer to me, 'demon' growled and was ready to seize my flesh. This creature has decided to play with me. She went in the building and growled, I slowly crept to an exit. I didn't know what he does, but I had a chance to escape. Creeping to a ladder, I have seen how group from 3okh stalkers, have risen and have begun to shoot at this creature. 'Demon' with cries has taken off from the building and has gone to a house roof.
The page is pulled out.

Steam Name: Shked ] Man'Shti

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:136759186

Do you have a gasmask?: Yes.

Do you have a weapon?: Yes.

What do you know about Stalkers based on lore?: The stalker - a subway Universe body. She - is engaged in production of things from a surface. In snovny go groups, but there is also one person.

How long have you been roleplaying for?: 2 year.

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You should mention in your backstory why you really want to do this your life, looting the surface, beside the demon and the risk of death you saw in the surface. You know its easy money as you heard, but why taking it? Maybe refeer an inspiration or a need.


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