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Roleplaying and General
Metagaming:(The act of Using OOC information in an attempt to gain an IC advantage.)
Metabaiting: (Intentionally giving other people OOC information to incite destructive metagaming)
Powergaming: (Forcing your actions upon another’s character)
Stalling: (Holding up an IC situation for OOC purposes - If you need assistance, contact staff via !help)
Invalid character descriptions and names: (Creating unserious or invalid descriptions and names)
Unserious behavior: (Acting unserious on purpose to disrupt other people's experiences)
Spamming: (Including, but not limited to: chat, ooc, ic, props etc.
Random Mic Talking: (Talking OOC information using your microphone near players or in major places. You can use the LOOC text chat for that)
Random Killing: (Do MissRP. You can KOS a player who planned that with you. You are not allowed to randomly kill or attack a player without a valid roleplay reason)
New Life Rule (NLR): If your characters get killed, you'll forgot everything that happened during the event and you are not allowed to return in the area which you died for at least 10 minutes.
Mugging: (You cannot rob player's items.  You can always pretend you robbed an object/chips. Bandits can rob a little quantity of chips only. If the victim does not resist, you may not kill the player)
PainRP, FearRP, Minge Grabbing: (You have to roleplay injuries. You must fearRP when mutants or dangerous characters are around. Minge grabbing is when you pickup items without roleplaying it. That applies for spawned items for events.
PAC3 Abuse: (You are free to equip acessories as long as you don't change your entire clothes. Any abusive PAC3 or effetcs will result in a ban)
PKs and TKs: (Those applies for strong  and event characters)
Groups: (You can create small groups j

Respecting players and staff members: (Respect everyone in the server if you wan't to keep playing there. We don't tolerate people who disrespect. Never argue with anybody, you can always call an admin for help. The staff takes the final decisions)
Ignoring staff: (You may not ignore staff. Respect what they ask you and don't make them repeat over and over again)
Building flags: (Building flags are for RP purposes. Any building without a staff authorization will result in revoking your building acess and delete everything you've built)

You'll be warned two times depending on the issue's gravity. You can ask for an unban request on the forum, but all will depend on your ban reason.
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