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Hello, this is an Application for a C/O Possistion in the Fourth Reich.


-Bandits [Varies]
-Satan [Cult]
-The Watchtower [Cult]
-Revolutionaries [Red Insurgents]
-Red Line [Government]
-Red Army [Red Line Infantry]
0rder Of The Rangers [PMC]
Hanza/The Commonwealth of the Stations of the Ring Line [Democratic Trade Stations]
-VDNKh [Democratic Trade Station]
-1905 Confederation [Democratic Outpost]
-Metro Command [Pre-War]
-Polis [Democratic Station]
-Arbat Confederation [Trade]
-Baumansky Alliance [Independent Station]
-Belorusskaya Trade Outpost [Reich Trade]
Fourth Reich [Neo Nazi']
Centeral Metro Command [Pre-War]
Savage Worm Canidabls ] [Cult]

-------Fourth Reich Infantry--------
Soldier [Common Infantry]
Scout [Forward Expeditionary Units/Enemy Soucting]
Heavy Unit [Deffensive & Aggressive Units on weak Area's
Sniper [Surface but sometimes seen in Major Conflicts Or Strategic Locations]
Stalker [Expeditionary Units]
Fuhrer [Rare Rare, Would only be seen with Half the Army behind him]
Ambassadors [Treaty Negotiators usually High Ranking Infantry]

Name: Sturmbannführer . Dimitri Kotroviski
Age: Fourty-Three
Current Occupation: Reich Regimental C/O
Pre-War Occupation: None
Parents: Sgt Kotroviski [Russian National Unity Support]
Birth Place: Moscow [Pre-War]
Homeland: Chekhovskaya [ Post-Apoc Reich Station]
Mutation: N/A


-He was a child when the Nuclear Devices were launched his parents from the Military and Russian National Unity Managed to evacuate him but his Mother died in the confusion and panic after they got down into the Metro his father was with Moscow Centeral Metro Command
Sgt was working with Unity Nationalist Insurgents inside the Command when the Command fell him and the Nationalists left and headed for Chekhovskaya to link with the Pre-War RNU [Russian National Unity] now called the Fourth Reich the Sgt was promoted to Lt Col, they had the Child had a strong connection growing up being connected to the Former RNU Commander's He later enlisted into the Reich Army combating newly formed Insuregent Groups and Mutated People these people were considerd Inferior and thrown into a Pit he later got promoted to Sgt and was In-Charge of a Platoon were he got into Operations and impressed his Regimental Officer he was made Sgt Major and was the Right Side Hand working on the Frontlines building new stations when his Regiment C/O Was found to be a Mutant he was executed by the Sgt Major with no C/O He was made Regimental C/O Known for Aggressive Tactics and Proxy Governing off nearby stations.


I am familiar with the game and the books and how the Russian National Unity became the Fourth Reich and how they work I have been in Serious RP for sometime and this is my third Metro RP server and I feel I can do some good with it I am already the C/O and have made the faction active in events and with roleplay with other stations sutch as Hansa and Red Line events.
--Why I Want To Join--

- I Have RNU And Fourth Reich knowledge and can put it to the best of my skills to succeed and make this faction active and the best I can do with it using members with susficent RP skills and advanced knowledge off the Metro and Fourth Reich.
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