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Metro Dweller

Name: Jenny Kalaschnikov

Age: 21

Why do you want to be a Stalker?: Because i like roaming in the surface and trading with other people.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Really good inflatration skills, good reflexes, excellent aiming experience and combat skills.
Shy, rejects alot of people, surface from light depression.

Physical Description: 1.66 meters tall, light green eyes, fit and slim body build, red hair.

Backstory (1-2 Paragraphs)

Jenny Kalaschnikov was born in the metro, she lost her parents to some redline fighters. After she had no one she asked for help from the reichs. Since then she is a spy for the fourth reich. She has trust issues and is pretty rejective to other people.


Steam Name: LK-520

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:58214941

Do you have a gasmask?: Yes

Do you have a weapon?: Yes

What do you know about Stalkers based on lore?: They find junk from the surface and sell them, They buy those surface junk from other dweller to profit and they clear the surface from the mutants.

How long have you been roleplaying for?: 2 Years
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Please, improve your app. Theres no spies in reich and that has nothing to do for being a Stalker. Read Stalkers post or its wiki page for more help.


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