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Applycation for stalker B_560x95

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Name: Pavel

Age: 42

Why do you want to be a Stalker?: Because now one have good online on stalkers on server and this role interesting to me

Strengths and Weaknesses: Brave, intellegince man, but have fear of dark and don't have good strenght

Physical Description: can't write normal desc on eng language, sorry

Backstory (1-2 Paragraphs)
Pavel born in Moskov before the war, and lived the good life. When the bombs started falling on the city, Pavel was in the metro already, traveled from the Prospekt Mira to the Altyfievskaya station. When the alarm was calling, Pavel was on the Kolsevyaya line. He was calm as ever and sometime was in panic. He saw the whole degradation of the civilization in the Moskov metro. Some guys liked to take all for free, and for the sign they choosed the Stalin. Someone was the rasist and take the Hitler's idea for the organization.
Pavel was living on the his native station, Alekseevskaya. He was in groups what was go on the surfase the first time and was fighting for his live all the time while he was on the surface. Sometime he didn't get anything useful from the surface, sometimes was get good items from the surface.

I am sorry for that short backstory, cuz i don't speak english too good. I can write very big backstory on my native language (Russian).


Steam Name: Prai'ns

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:21304525

What do you know about Stalkers based on lore?: Stalker's it's like brotherhood group. They can't attack each other's and revenge for another stalkers. All caches what have stalkers can loot another stalkers. Stalkers is neutrally group for all factions.

How long have you been roleplaying for?: 1k hours on russian serious rp projects
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Form was updated. Do you have a gasmask and a weapon?

Applycation for stalker Latest?cb=20110213064828
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CHEEST3R wrote:Form was updated. Do you have a gasmask and a weapon?
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