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Metro Dweller

How long have you been playing serious rp servers: Hard to tell, around 1k+ hours of my gmod playtime

Why do you want to join this faction: It lacks members for proper functioning, It's also interesting faction

What can you bring to the roleplay: What do you mean by "What can you bring to the roleplay" ?

- Serious RP
- Detailed /me's
- Action and passive rp

Brief paragraph or two explaing The Fourth Reich and their beliefs:

Fourth reich is politicaly far right neo-nazi group, they follow most of ideals from World War II Nazi's. They try to enforce oppression policy of everyone affected by radiation (Mutants)

What would your duties entail as a trooper,heavies,scout or stalker:

Trooper - simple soldier of Fourth Reich, he's mainly used for firefights, escorts, patrolling and guarding base, etc.

Scout - this unit's job is to find weak points of enemy, he have to navigate throught metro very fast, he sometimes can be used for sending some items or info

Heavy - this unit is heavily armed, his job is to protect the weak points of Fourth Reich

Stalker - this unit brings supplies to fourth reich from surface and around metro

Give me couple of /me roleplay examples:

(Picking up weapon - Passive) /me grabs the weapon from the ground carefully inspecting it's state and possibly cleaning it

(Picking up weapon - Action) /me quickly grabs the weapon

(Simple medical action - Passive) /me inspects the wounds of person laying on the ground, then he would pour alcohol on the wound, after that quickly applying a bandage

Do you understand that if you abuse on this job or are inactive you will lose this whitelist: Yes, why would anyone even type a "No" here.


Character Name: Igor Vasilyev
Character Age: 24

Character Description: A tall male young male in dirty outfit with Ushanka and gasmask. He speaks with Russian accent

Character Backstory (2-3 paragraphs min): (I'm bad at backstories)

Igor Vasilyev was born in 2009, some time before war. He had normal life like everyone else. After the Nuclear War in 2013 he was took to Metro by his father and mother.
Thought later on they died, due to large fucking clusterfuck in there about factions.

Later on he was travelling throught metro's looking for work, he was partially happy because he thought nuclear war means gypsies are gone, but when he noticed some gypspy in tunnel, he beat him up and stole his items, Hansa didn't notice.

He finally met Fourth Reich and wanted to join them, he have send a paper application to them with all his information, it's going to be reviewed.

Characters political views: Not far-right, he rather prefer to work with people who has the same nationality, hates gypsies.

Characters views of outsiders(people who has not been born in Reich): As long they are not mutant, gypsy, leftist or diffrent nationality. It's fine.
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