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Name:Alexei Mikhailov
Strengths and Weaknesses: Strength: He's extremely loyal to his companions and will always follow orders. Strength: He is intelligent, easily capable of taking his weapon apart and putting it back together. Weakness: He can sometimes behave irrationally when given an extreme situation, Example: Saying he is heavily wounded, he could try and behave as if it is nothing even if he is bleeding from every part of his body.  Weakness: Sometimes he could get a little too excited with his weapons. All Strengths and weaknesses could change overtime. I'll create a character sheet for this character to keep people updated.

Age: 27
Description: A tall pale-ish male, Brown eyes with streaks of black tracing off of his pupils however it is just visible through is clouded visor, A set of night vision goggles sit upon his specialized Ranger helmet, Polis painted across the side of his helmet, Steel plating over his shoulders and down his arms, His torso is thick with armor and has magazine pouches for his weapons, a machete sheath on his back holding (No) machete, A sling around his Kalash, Big steel toed boots, A 1911 in a small leather sheath, He looks to be around the height of 5'10-5'11, Hard to see by the naked eye but if you looked closely there is a layer of thin rubber that is around his torso armor possibly for comfortability.

Backstory:He was born in Moscow, however he doesn't remember much except being lead into the metro, so he may as well have been born in the metro. All he knows it that he was born into a family which was not plagued with poverty, he grew up in a small shack that was built upon a destroyed train. He grew up in Polis and wouldnt have wished to live anywhere else, he grew up getting education from a local 'School', he would take after classes. As he grew older and more mature, it was time for him to choose his options for what he wanted to be when he was older, this would ultimately cause him to take extra classes for wanting to be in the the Rangers. A member of the Rangers would have to come in and take notes of who wanted to become a Ranger, of course he knew many of them would fail. He was 25 years old, he served a full course of Physical Education as well as Orienteering, Knowledge of the human body and so on. He was fully qualified to join the Rangers as he had said he wanted to join from a young age and his name was on the list for possible volunteers. All he had to do was pass training and physical examinations to join, so before the next recruitment time came around, he trained by doing jogs regularly around the station, doing jobs like lifting up sandbags and carrying them to where they needed to go. Then the recruitment time had come around, he was ready to join the Rangers. He had skipped many other recruitment times before because he felt like he wasn't ready, but now he is. He arrived at the recruitment station, his name was signed up and he was passed through to the officials who put him through a rigorous training exercise as well as tested him about his knowledge of the human body and directions. After 2 years of solid training, it was his verdict to see whether he would join or not.

Irl Age: 13 however coming up to 14 (Don't worry i'm not immature)

A little bit about me: I've been playing role playing games for a couple of years now, evidence is on my steam page as i have over 5500 hours on the game. I like to have a laugh with my friends but i do like a little bit of proper seriousness in the game as well. I also have playing multiple Metro role playing servers in the past

Steam Username: Mesok

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41116174
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