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 James Brooks

James Brooks
Metro Dweller
Hansa Guard

James Brooks

Username: Mr_Cookie13
Realname: Jayden
Age: 16

Backstory of my Character:

My character was 12 he lived in moscow with his Father and mother. His fater was an sleeper agent for the C.I.A back then he got called in the last hours before the bombs fell he was busy packing in documents and harddisks but it went quickly and it was to late to save all the information. They tried to escape into the Metro system his Mother unfortunatly didnt make it in the progress After they escaped in the Metro system time went by and James is 32 now. He lived several years as an Wanderer wandering around in the Metro scavenging trying to survive. In the process he met Alex Suslov an nice man Alex and James became best friends and they went to the surface and down trying to scavenge. Now James is still an Metro dweller and hopefully becomes an Hansa guard or apart of the Rangers.

Some information about me,
- I played both games twice and i loved them! The atmosphere the enviroment is just so rich! I would love it to recreate it in Gmod
- Im 16 and i love Roleplay servers i roleplayed on several NS/CW Serious roleplay servers under diffrent theme's
Such as:
- Halo RP (RPC Rocket Propelled Chainsaw Gaming)
- Nebulous cloud WW3 Rp and HL2 rp
- Interstellar Marines RP (RPC)
- SantosRP

Why i think i am fit for this Role:
- I love to build detailed enviroments
- I am pretty often online.
- As an experienced roleplayer i think i will fit the Job.


Name: James Brooks
Age: 32
Occupation: Metro Dweller
Former Occupation (Before the war): Child
Former Occupation (In the metro): Mercenary


James Brooks
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 James Brooks

James Brooks
Metro Dweller
[Application] Hansa Guard "James Brooks" Result10
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Finally, Hansa applications.
We'll define checkpoints, organize caravans and protect the station! Very Happy


[Application] Hansa Guard "James Brooks" Latest?cb=20110213064828
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 James Brooks

James Brooks
Metro Dweller
CHEEST3R wrote:Finally, Hansa applications.
We'll define checkpoints, organize caravans and protect the station!  Very Happy


Affirmative Chester!!

Ill setup defences for the station and setup more stations around the System!
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