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Hi, i'm applying for the Rangers Position in the Metro 2033 RP, I've been Serious Roleplaying for some Time now, altough i took an half a year Break recently and started RPing, some time ago.

Name: Mikhail Milkeiov
Phobias / Disabilities: Nones, so far.
Age: 29
Family Relatives: None, most of them died during the Nuclear War
Physical Description: Male, Standing at 1'84 Meter Tall, White, Blue Eyes

Username: ABC (yes, really, i might change it although.)
Back story of my Character: Born in Moscow, he didn't remember much of the Pre-War Moscow. When the Bombs came, he and his Parents were some of the Lucky ones, to run into the Train Station fast enough. From there on, he lived his life in the Dark,shady Metro.
He has lost his Parents, when an Illness hit an Unknown Station, he had to run away after his parents died, Since then he lived an life of Avoiding any trouble.. what will happen to Mikhail now?

Some information about me,
- I love the Metro 2033 Series!, I've read some Books and played both the games!
- I know some of the Lore, but not much.
- I also Roleplay on other servers, but i will not state them.

Kind Regards,
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