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Application for 4th Reich Oberst or infantry. [Will be redone if template gets added] B_560x95

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 Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

What makes me interested in this role: I have been Officer in 4th Reich before on other server.

Why would you suit this role: I've played as an Oberst on other RP server, for what I remember was a few months. Personally i feel i can perform acceptably at leadership roles.

What can you bring to the roleplay: I can bring roleplay with a member of Reich who's willing to take a more political approach to situation, instead of immediately choosing the easy way out, being combat, since I do believe players would find the opportunity to have discussions with a Reich official without necessarily putting their life on the line would strike their fancy moreso than simply getting engaged. Such approaches may offer new opportunities to people outside of Reich who may be involved in their affairs, or indirectly affected by them.

The Fourth Reich and their beliefs: The Fourth Reich are a pro-Slavic group that resides primarily in their tri-station, Chekhovskaya, Pushkinskaya and Tverskaya.
They believe that the only race that should be allowed to co-exist with the Metro's populace are other people of Slavic nature, hence "Russia! For Russians! being written on the backs of infantrymen. They approach mutations and what they consider ethnically subhuman in an extremist nature, believing that they should not be allowed to reproduce; their argument being that this would ruin Slavic purity. Mutations, in their eyes, can range from missing or extra limbs, to simply abnormal skull proportions.
People of different ethnicities are considered subhuman, and if the Reich could have their way, they'd see these individuals killed, or sent to concentration camps. Like individuals with mutations, they believe they should not be allowed to reproduce.

What would your duties entail:As an Oberst of the Fourth Reich, my job generally revolves around securing the territory which I was placed in for the Reich and her forces, and cleansing the native population of deformities and other ethnicities the Reich deem unfit to co-exist. While my nature may be diplomatic, doing what I can to strike deals with the populace, my ultimate goals, like any other responsible Reichswehr unit, are to rid the Metro of subhumans and gain territory and native support for the Fourth Reich. Regardless of how you sugarcoat it, my job will revolve around killing, no matter what way I go about doing so.


Character Name: Oberst. Amon
Character Age: 28
Character Description: 179cm | 73kg | Russian |Officers field-cap with a Reich insignia at the front|Short black hair| Black leather gloves|Grey belt with a side arm holster and a few pouches| Black military looking pants|Black boots going up to his knees | low voice | 28 years old

Character Backstory: Amon was born in Moscow to a Russian family, He was an only child, and throughout his childhood and adolescence he had a very stable education; his parentms being rather upper-class, being able to afford private schools.

During his adolescence he started to become very intrested with politics, including that of affairs outside his country. His opinions on world affairs changed over time as the world itself changed, the cauldron of governmental affairs, especially those between Russia and NATO forces, became dangerously close to boiling points. He started to believe that the way governments handled themselves was unsustainable, and eventually this would all spill over for them. When he finished school, his parents had enrolled him into college. He was to start, at 18, in a couple of months' time.

Amon never got to college when the entirety of the world was engulfed in nuclear fire, missiles from Moscow's silos being desperately launched by the command staff, not so much in an attempt to save themselves, but rather from an eye-for-an-eye perspective. Amon and his family retreated to the nearby Metro station, which happened to be Tverskaya, and after moments of frightful panic and to the family's gratefulness, they were allowed into the station, the massive seals closing shut for what seemed to be permanently, not quite managing to block out the screaming and banging from the outside.

As time went on and the Central Metro Command had collapsed, the station began to adopt new political views from it's more prominent residents. It wasn't long before a Fuhrer, reminiscent of the Fourth Reich, was in control over Tverskaya and the neighbouring two in the tri-station.

After a number of years of this faction- the Fourth Reich's- new existence, Amon enlisted to the Fourth Reich forces at the age of twenty-one, much to his father's approval and his mother's worry. During his service until he was twenty-seven, he had recieved several commendations and achieved the rank of a non-commissioned officer. After a few deep breaths to motivate his confidence, he went to talk to his garrison commander about something. The next day, he was on his way back to Tverskaya, to begin his training in officer candidate's school. After continued service as an officer, he was appointed to be an Oberst at the age of twenty-eight, and in 2033 he was posted by the Reich's High Command to an outpost in order to gain ground for the Fourth Reich and cleanse impurities.
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Nice application! You'll take the leadership of the Reich.


Application for 4th Reich Oberst or infantry. [Will be redone if template gets added] Latest?cb=20110213064828
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