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Application for the Leader (or high ranked force) of the 4rd reich Outpost on our Map B_560x95

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Hi im Momo some people may know me from ApocRP.
I am currently pissed because it bugged and i must write my application again.

OOC Stuff:
Steam Name: MomoGamer
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:100946908
Real Name: Moritz
Country: Germany
Age: 14 (I know a bit young, but i am not a dumb kiddy who just does shit)
''Who i am like:'' I am a young gamer, who likes to help people with new projects and boost those projects

IC Stuff:
Name: Wladimir Petrolski
Age: 46
Story: After the bombs got dropped, he decided to become a soldier of the new 4rd Reich. He though he will live peacfully, but he saw that he must kill, gas people and lie to rank up.
He just did that, because he didnt wanted to die. The Führer liked Wladimir and in the last 20 year he ranked up to a Reich Stalker and a Heavy Force. The Führer decided that he is going to operate at the new outpost (Our map) as a high ranked force.
Rank: Reich Stalker and Heavy Force
Planned to become: High operating Force at the new outpost

''Last OOC Words''
Thanks for reading, i need to write this again because it bugged, i hope i get soon an answer.

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Oh my god this kills my eyes please fix the colours
Lack of information, bad backstory.
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