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Application for 4th Reich Faction B_560x95

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How long have you been playing serious rp servers: Not very long.
Why do you want to join this faction: I am very interested in Germany overall and Metro has been a very interesting game to me aswell, I would like to see how it would be done here.
What can you bring to the roleplay: A serious, Strict soldier if needed to.
Brief paragraph or two explaing The Fourth Reich and their beliefs: They follow alot of National Socialistische Germany ww2 except not about race purity but about genetic purity, free of and deformations, anything deformed to the body would end up to execution, they want humanity to live with high standards
What would your duties entail as a trooper,heavies,scout or stalker: Trooper, Fighting the other factions and conquer territory for the reich.
Give me couple of /me roleplay examples: /me Throws empty weapon and charges with bayonet  /me Pokes you in the back with the muzzle
Do you understand that if you abuse on this job or are inactive you will lose this whitelist: Yes, Ofcourse.


Character Name: Heinz Lechner
Character Age: 24
Character Description: Fresh Enthusiastic Soldier Willing to die for the Reich
Character Backstory (2-3 paragraphs min): Borned in the Reich, Taught about the Reich untill he was 12 and then Was heavily Trained and indoctrinated to become a soldier and do what ever he must do to accomplish his task.
Characters political views: Despises all Genetic Deformed due to Indoctrination, Believes the 4th Reich is the only way for a better World in the metro and in the outside world in the future.
Characters views of outsiders(people who has not been born in Reich): Finds them useful for scavangers for the Reich.
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