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How long have you been playing serious rp servers: 3 Years
Why do you want to join this faction: Because its my favorite faction in the game. Want to exsperience the feeling of stomping in a Red Lines face.
What can you bring to the roleplay: Promise
Brief paragraph or two explaing The Fourth Reich and their beliefs: The 2033 version of the german rule over germany lead by the man named Adolf Hitler. They have the same beliefs as he did back in the 1940s and they believe in a certain reich required form. They only allow a select few in there ranks.
What would your duties entail as a trooper,heavies,scout or stalker: Stalker.
Give me couple of /me roleplay examples: /me Points Gun and Says "Put your Hands up", /me Salutes, /me Arrests Him/Her.
Do you understand that if you abuse on this job or are inactive you will lose this whitelist: I do understand.


Character Name: Rosonov Uknei
Character Age:23
Character Description: [Male] [23 years of age] [True Beiiever] [6 '1]
Character Backstory (2-3 paragraphs min): Me and my brother Duece were born in a small house on the surface. We have a small prone to resist radiation because of our time up above. We dont like most people.
Characters political views: None, Im a soldier god damn it
Characters views of outsiders(people who has not been born in Reich): Friendly but will has some hate to them.
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