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How long have you been playing serious rp servers: 4 years
Why do you want to join this faction:I love german culture and i speak it
What can you bring to the roleplay:I can bring actual language into the rp
Brief paragraph or two explaing The Fourth Reich and their beliefs: It is based from the nazi party back in 1939. It uses the same ideals hitler had  made. They thought of themselves better than the the rest. After the apocolypse happened they decided to build the reaich based off the first.
What would your duties entail as a trooper,heavies,scout or stalker:Stalker
Give me couple of /me roleplay examples:/me Picks up his rifle walking towards the exit of the bunker
/me Puts on his mask walking out into the radiation
Mmm i love the smell of mutants
/me Chuckles to himself

Do you understand that if you abuse on this job or are inactive you will lose this whitelist: Completely


Character Name:Jenz Oster
Character Age:26
Character Description: Blonde straight hair| Dirt in between each fingernail| Stains on his face from falling into the dirt| Has a huge scar running over his left eye from a scratch| Always keeps a knife in his boot for protection| has seem thousands of people fall|
Character Backstory (2-3 paragraphs min): He was born in a small rural town. He grew up with his brother because a group of thieves had broke in and killed his mom and dad. He hunted and fished to put food on the table because his brother couldnt find a job. When he was thirteen Chernobyl erupted destroying his crops. After which the bombs fell.

Once he started surviving his brother was murdered by a mutanous monster. This is also when he got his scar. The monster would have killed him if not for the fourth reich stalkers. They saved his life and now because he is able,he wants to repay his debt to them. After surviving for a while he was found by a band of three people. They took him in and now he follows them through the broken earth.

Characters political views: Nothing i follow as my leader would follow
Characters views of outsiders(people who has not been born in Reich): He sees them as victims but he also sees them as prey. He sees the ones that are willing to help as good hearted victims. He sees the ones who mean to kill as his prey to murder.
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