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Name:Olesya Yaroslava

Age:Twenty Five

Backstory (Atleast 1-2 Paragraphs)
Born in the year 2008,Olesya was just five years old when her family fled into the metro to avoid facing the horrors of nuclear annihilation. Her family eventually settled in Hansa. Growing up, her family was incredibly poor. Olesya became very disillusioned with Hansa’s Laissez faire capitalist system. She began to believe it as predatory and divisive. At the age of 16, she got a passport and was able to leave Hansa. She would explore the metro tunnels, armed with a Padonak, and a backpack full of needed supplies. One day,she was captured by Reich soldiers on the suspicion she was a mutant. She was saved by a Redline squadron leading an ambush on the soldiers temporary camp. They offered to take her back to Krasnoselskaya, she agreed. The soldiers told her about their ideology. As she had not heard much about them in Hansa. She thought that what they said made sense. It was not like the predatory system of Hansa. It was focused on sharing and equality. After they reached the station, she sought to join the Red Army as a soldier in order to fight for the Redline’s Cause.
Physical Description:
Twenty Five. Black Hair. Wears a Grey double breasted trench coat. Has a red armband on her left shoulder. She is Five Feet, Seven Inches.
Strengths and Weaknesses:
Being very light on her feet and short, she is good at sneaking, She also has a lot of Stamina. She is not very strong however.
Why did your character join The Red Line?:
She agrees with the Redline Ideology. She also wants to eventually liberate Hansa from Capitalism.
Any side notes about your character we should know?:

Steam Name: The South Will NOT Rise Again

Steam ID: :0:0:100946908


What is your knowledge on the Metro 2033 Lore?:
I have played through about Half of Metro Last Light. I understand the goals and the leadership of all the factions. I know that the Nuclear war occurred in 2013, that the Redline and the Reich are at war. I know that Hansa is a free market libertarian utopia.
What do you know about the Red Line?:
They are a hard left stalinist faction. They have the goal of uniting the entire metro under communism. They are allied to the revolutionaries and are mostly hostile to Hansa, The Reich, and the Rangers of the Order. They are currently led by secretary Moskvin. They have the largest army in the metro, but it is poorly equipped and trained. They have control over fourteen stations.
Do you understand it may take awhile before you may be promoted?:
Yes, I have plenty of Military RP experience, so I am aware that It may be a while.
How long have you been roleplaying for?: About two years now. I have had lots of experience on Military RP, I reached the rank of Stabsfeldwebel. I have also done combine control, and Jedi VS Sith.
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You could slightly improve your backstory, but overall it's pretty good.


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