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Stalker is the general term in the Metro system for any individuals who venture to the surface for valuable supplies, often risking life and limb to keep the whole Metro alive.

Stalkers search for fuel, ammunition, and other salvageable materials at the surface to sell them in the Metro or keep them for themselves. They sometimes have small hideouts on the surface, built into ruined apartments or office buildings where they stash their findings, though most live in stations, bringing them their findings. Stalkers often work alone, or in small teams, but they universally aid each other by leaving supply drops on the surface, leaving brightly colored markers as guideposts in the swamps, and having flashlight signals to communicate. Many Stalkers are mentioned as having military backgrounds, pre-war. They are also very often well-armed, similarly to rangers and soldiers. They tend to wear armored vests, haz-mat suits and long trench coats.

It is heavily implied that a Stalker's life expectancy is very low, so those who venture upwards must be either thrill-seekers or suicidal - in the lawless Metro, either is possible. Stalkers are often considered insane by most other inhabitants of the metroEqually though, everyone relies on them for everything, giving them an almost godly status.

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