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The server plays in 2033 near the station of Kusnezkimost.
The station of Kusnezkimost is an independent station, guarded by General. Ivan Radislivkawich and his army called "Kusnezkimost Peoples' Front".
The station is a small but prospering faction and is a knot point on the map. It is situated in the middle of the game map, and features an independent army, shets to live in and more is yet to come.

As the time went on, General. Ivan, has a plan to create a democratic station with political parties. Making a plan that every year (ingame time) (irl about a week) a new President is elected, and that the people themselves decide who they want to lead the faction. The Peoples' Front will enforce the independency of the station with their lifes and are a important small faction in this location.

The Hansa stands strong, rather far away from Kusnezkimost, they also have a station. Some say that that is a safe heaven, full with rich people and food that can last for years. But, the difference is, that the Hansa station has a rather high fee to enter and cannot be easily obtained.

Meanwhile, the Reich and Red Line are fighting in the tunnels, leaving blood spilled everywhere they go. They made outposts and bases somewhat close to Kusnezkimost and hope, to win a new ally with that...

But, how will this all go out? Will Kusnezkimost stay strong with their democratic believes? And will the Peoples' Front secure the independency?

These questions will only be answered when the server starts, and the president will soon be elected...
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