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Red Line

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The Red Line's state ideology is Stalinist Communism. They promote class equality, common ownership, and anti-capitialism. On paper, the Communists believe that everything that comes out of the Red Line is to be shared equally with everyone, meaning all are entitled to food, water, and housing, and if one person has four bullets and the other has none, they must divide it between themselves. Their society, as noted by Pavel Morozov, follows a very strict mindset: One leader, one Party, and one ideology to assure that their ideological goals are met. Pavel mentions order and control being considered more important than individual freedoms, to make sure their beliefs withstand. The aim of the Red Line is to unite the entire Metro once again, under communist rule.

The army of the Red Line is possibly the largest of the Metro. Due to the many stations and large population under Red control, they seem to have a nearly endless amount of men. However, the quality of the troops differs greatly. Many soldiers are mere conscripts given a weapon and send to the front. Not all troops are conscripts though, and the Red Army fields specialists like soldiers with flamethrowers, heavy weaponry and snipers.

Like the Soviet Union, the Red Line uses political commissars to control their armed forces. These commissars lead the troops, but also spread propaganda and execute ‘traitors’: often men who are caught retreating from battle.


Pre Metro 2033
The rise of the Red Line started with the Sokol Line Revolution. Communist Sympathisers gathered in the Northern Station of Preobrazhenskaya Ploschad, revolted and organised a communist government led by a committee. Neighbouring stations soon learned of this revolution and joined the communist cause. It did not take long before almost all the stations in Sokol Line were part of the now renamed Red Line.

Other factions and several neighbouring neutral stations felt threatened by this revolution, as the revolutionaries tried to force as many stations as possible to join their cause. An alliance was formed by Hansa, the Arbat Confederacy and several neutral stations. Although the Hansa – Red Line War resulted in the Red Line gaining control over several central stations, it also cut the Red line in parts, as Hansa managed to gain control the entire Ring Line. After the peace treaty was signed, the relations between the Red Line and Hansa improved, especially due to trading between the two.

Being political opposites, the Fourth Reich becomes the main enemy of the Red Line. Fighting in the tunnels between the Red Line Heartland and the Reich, a frontline is formed which results in a stalemate.

Metro 2033
In Metro 2033 the main enemy of the Red Line is still the Fourth Reich. The war between the two factions continues, neither side gaining or losing ground. At some point during the war, every Red Line and Reich soldier at the frontline was killed. Although Red Line reinforcements were the first to arrive and even scouted the now undefended enemy positions, they did not use this moment to push into the Reich. Soon after, both factions manned the defences again and the war at the Frontline waged on.

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Fourth Reich

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