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 Scythe Reaper

Scythe Reaper
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How long have you been playing serious RP servers: 3 days
Why do you want to join this faction: I want to join this faction because I like spending around a faction that doesn't mess around and takes RP serious even if it's not required.
What can you bring to the roleplay: I can bring joy I can help out and I will make sure not to give my commanding officer a hard time and to never fail-RP
Brief paragraph or two explain The Fourth Reich and their beliefs: The Fourth Reich is a politically far right neo Nazi faction who embrace many of the ideals of World War 2 Nazi Germany. Their leader the Fuhrer enforces a policy of oppression  against all those who are inferior which includes people that has either been mutated or has radiation. They prefer well trained soldiers and heavy firepower at the expense of a smaller army. Their belief is to gain purity meaning that they don't want people with radiation or people who are mutated or missing any limbs. Meaning that if they see anyone with radiation or missing any limbs they are classified as inferior or second class.
           What would your duties entail as a trooper,heavies,scout or stalker: As trooper I am basic infantry that is mostly use to defend attack or capture they are to follow orders without talking back along with the other duties of being a trooper. Heavy is usually equipped with masses amount of armor which is really hard to kill them they are used for attacking to push the enemy no problem due to their armor as well as carrying heavy weaponry such as flamethrower,gattling gun,etc . Scout is to go on patrols or sneak around the enemy and radio any information they find pronto they are usually equipped with  light armor to move quick and easy with no troubles. Stalker main job is to go up onto the surface basically risking their lives to grab useful supplies from the surface in order to gain resources for their troops.
Give me couple of /me role play examples: /me would take out his gun and would unholster  his weapon aiming at the man's skull before pushing his finger on the trigger firing a bullet into the man's head. /me Would take out his knife and would than grab the man by the neck and would slit the man's throat with his knife. /me Would punch the man in the face and would try to give him a brutal elbow to the head causing him to be knocked out. /me Would take the can of beans and would take a spoon and starts to eat the beans with a smile in evey bite showing that it's good.
Do you understand that if you abuse on this job or are inactive you will lose this whitelist: Yes


Character Name: Dmitri Alexander
Character Age: 21
Character Description: Hair: Black/Scar on his left eye/Born in Russia/Age:21/Believes: Freedom and justice/ eye color: Green/Backpack with a gas mask and some gas canisters/Nickname: Ceberus
Character Backstory (2-3 paragraphs min): My name is Dmitri Alexander I was Russian that lived in Moscow with my family I was adopted so I never got to know my mother and father so I was able to speak,read and managed to talk a little bit of German. me and my family lived in a rental home in the metro station that was occupied with Reich forces and was told that these so called factions I never heard of "Redline" and "Rangers" were bad news so I ended up growing up hating them as my belief grew stronger over hearing conversations of soldiers talk about them along with citizens. When I was old enough to apply it took me  a year to know if I really wanted to be taken away from my family in the metro station? And would everything change from there? After a year of dedicated thinking I decided to fill out a application that I had to do in order to get started. As my application is still pending I still wonder if I made a good decision or not until my father came into the room and had a chat with him. He said "If you get accepted don't back down. Your doing a good thing for this family and i'm proud of you." As I got caught in the moment I felt a burst of joy knowing that he made the right decision and that his fate was sealed.
Characters political views: Thinks that only Russian people are allowed to live in the metro and that people who are not Russian should rot.
Characters views of outsiders(people who has not been born in Reich): People that has purity he will not harm but if there is a person that isn't pure at all he will harm or maybe execute due to how bad the situation is.
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 Scythe Reaper

Scythe Reaper
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I hope you enjoy it and i'm going to be honest I didn't know a lot about this faction so I had to do some research so I hope you enjoy my backstory and the description I made for Reich part. Also if you think I copied from the wiki I didn't there was just no other way to describe them so like I said enjoy hope my grammar wasn't as horrible as the last application.
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