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Name: The Dark One

Age:  17

Physical Description: Male| Height - 7'4" | skin as black as night| incredibly long and spindly arms and legs| dark purple eyes| no mouth|

Strengths and Weaknesses:
STRENGTHS: Can use the human mind as a weapon, inflicting hallucinations, time warping and can disguise as any person the human has known in their life just by touching the target. Can use telekinesis.
WEAKNESS: Abilities are very short in duration and once the ability has ended it leaves his vulnerable.

Backstory (At least 4 paragraphs): Our said dark one was born in 2015 in a nest on the surface, his parents were caring and most of the time were at the nest building and sometimes going out to gather food. The dark one, being small liked to adventure and explore around the ruins of Moscow occasionally playing in the ruined playgrounds dotted around the city with his friends. He also liked to compete in races around the climbable buildings and down the longer paths of the ruins, and this… is where our story starts.

One day the little dark one was racing down the vast streets around Moscow with his two other friends from the hive who, at the time were around the same age as him. While zooming down the street the dark one and his friends spotted a convoy for the red line who were looking for land to base on. The dark one’s parents had told him countless times before not to go near humans, but feeling rebellious walked right up to a soldier and touched him.

The soldier did not give kindly to this and trapped the little one while his friends had already fled from the scene, he now was alone, in a cage, being took onto a red train for transport. His friends had rushed back to the hive to tell the dark one’s parents what had happened, upon finishing the tale his parents ran to the area he was last, and followed his trail to the train. The train had stopped for a restock, and his parents were ready, they could see him using their vision, he was scared.

They immediately slowed time around the area and attacked, they had turned some of the humans into pulp when they got tired, and couldn’t hold the time-slowing ability before the soldiers killed both parents in front of the child’s eyes. He was furious, and sad and with that he couldn’t tolerate what had happened, and ripped the front of the cage off before turning all the soldiers against each other and fleeing the sight. When he returned to the hive, he did nothing but cry for 3 solid days before manning up and getting on with his life. He has now grown to an adolescent stage and still to this day, roams the metro to kill every human in his sight.


Steam Name: tails doll

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:65254791

What do you know about the Dark Ones based on lore?:  long slender, dark skinned beings who have evolved from humans due to radiation poisoning and cannot be harmed by radiation anymore

How long have you been roleplaying for?: on your server: 3 hours minimum 4-5 hours max
For a lifetime: around a year and a half
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