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Blackjack script B_560x95

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Since we already lost the backpacks could you probably make an blackjack script ? It would go like the /roll system just with blackjack.

The commands would be like this:

/blackjackhit (gives him a random card)
/blackjackstart (gives two random cards on the start of the round for each player)

Money has to be dropped or given to the cashier.

An example for blackjack hit:
/me would give the guy one card.
**You would get a 10 Heart.
** You get a Ace Heart
** You get a 5 Spades

You should add a flag system for the blackjack command for people which play as the cashier.
/flaggive Jenny B

I hope you add it to get some gambling in the metro and new RP scenarios.
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Sounds good, but i am a bit confused, cuz i just played it with numbeeeerz and roll not with Ace and stuff.
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You can cheat with /roll... If you have like 18 but want to get blackjack to win. You do /roll 3 and hope you get 1-3. /roll is cheating my idea is uncheatable and RNG based.
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